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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not what I wanted to hear.

As scheduled, I went to Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, TN last Wednesday for surgery on my bladder. I had been scheduled for 3PM, but I looked at the clock when I slid onto the operating table at 1:37. I suspect that the procedure took over 10 minutes as I came to in Recovery at about 3PM, hurting some. I was moved to my room some time later and didn't really feel too bad. My throat was dry and sore from a tube being inserted during surgery. So I was constantly drinking water, juice and eating ice cream. That and 2 large meals resulted in gaining about 4# which I have since gotten rid of. Thursday morning the surgeon came in and said I could go home, so after the catheter was removed and I got stabilized, Loretta's brother-in-law came to pick us up. He had taken us to the hospital and Loretta had spent the night in my room.

I have been feeling well, except some pain which seems to be getting less. Good thing as the medication prescribed to reduce burning is now gone.

This afternoon the doctor called with the Pathology Report. It WASN'T what I wanted to hear. He had felt that the spot wasn't malignant and even if it was there should be no problem removing all. BUT, it was malignant and more aggressive than expected. He suggested a 2nd opinion as he is not sure that it has spread outside the bladder wall. He will set up an appointment with an Oncologist at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville. Thursday I am supposed to pick up the slides to take with me when I go for that.

I know that I have little control over what happens except to Think Positive. However, everything is in the LORD'S control and lean on him for healing and strength. HOWEVER, Prayers are certainly appreciated.

On another matter, Diane Payne (Loretta's daughter's sister-in-law) starts her Chemotherapy tomorrow so keep her in your prayers too. Loretta seems to be feeling better, so hope the new medication is helping her. But she still is somewhat unstable and sleeps a lot. So please keep her in your Prayers also.

Thank you and
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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