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Friday, December 04, 2009

Guess we are stuck

We did have a great Thanksgiving. They had a nice dinner at the Senior Center in Chapel hill where we often go for lunch. Then Thanksgiving Day, we went to Loretta's daughter-in-law's for a great meal with she, her family and friends. As Loretta's daughter next door from there and several of that family work in the medical profession, they weren't available. So on Saturday, we went to Sharon and Bill's to celebrate with about 20 other family members there. Unfortunately Sharon's son Shawn was taken to the hospital that morning. So we came out of the weekend stuffed more than the turkeys were, HI.
Shawn has recently returned home from the hospital, but his father Bill is in now with Kidney problems. Pray for that family, Please

I was able to get my appointment with Vanderbilt Urology at the clinic in Cool Springs which was much closer. We went there last Monday to consult with a Urologist there. He needed to have their Pathologists look at the slides I had taken, but did consult the report from the lab in Columbia. What he had to offer wasn't very exciting. He does want to do another biopsy, going deeper than the sample from Columbia was. He indicated that the Cancer may be shallow enough that it can be attacked by a regimen of medication. That would be injected several times a week for 6 weeks then evacuated I think. Doesn't sound like fun, but I understand that can be done by Urologist wherever we are. So we would be able to go to Florida later this season. However if the Cancer is too deep, the Bladder removal is in the offing. That I really didn't want to hear. I am thinking Positive and Praying that the next biopsy finds that all had been removed. At any rate the results are in the hands of the LORD. But Prayers are still appreciated.

Wednesday Loretta had a follow up with the Rhumatoligist and got a good report even though he increased medication. But he does want to get her off the Prednisone that the primary physician had prescribed. That is good as she has some ill effects from that. Yesterday we both had follow-up hearing tests and got report that our hearing has improved somewhat which was certainly good news. Watching our diet does seem to help.

So it seems most of the time we are on the road running to doctors and medical clinics, but hope that is easing off. We do try to do all our doctor visits this time of year while in Central Tennessee, but sure didn't want the complications. Otherwise it has been mostly shopping trips, eating out some and hanging out at home. I have given some assistance to Loretta's brother-in-law with the house he is building also when I can stay here long enough to.

Just in case we don't get another posting before, have a MERRY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS.

If we don't get our year end report out, you can check on our years activities at http://RVTravel.blogspot.com

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


  • At 8:03 AM , Blogger ZDENNY said...

    A man named Finite awoke and found himself in a sinkhole full of quick sand. He was sinking very slowly and knew that he would meet certain death.

    A man came along who had holes in his hands. The man threw Finite a rope and told him to grab it and he would pull him to safety.

    Finite looked at the holes in the man's hands and said, “Your not real.” “It is not scientifically possible for a man to live who has holes in his hands.

    The man with the holes in his hands looked at the guy a little puzzled and said, “You are in a sinkhole and about to die. Your response to my help is to say I’m not real?”

    Finite said, “Well, I like how warm the sand is and I really don’t want to get out. Second, I know I am having an illusion because it is not possible for a man to have holes in his hands and still help me out.” Therefore, morally I like my plight and scientifically, you don’t exist being a mere projection of my mind.

    The man with the holes in his hands said, “Listen, I was sent here by my father to help people out so please let me help you! I will take you to my father’s mansion where you can enjoy life for eternity. Obviously, death was not able to hold me in the grave because the holes in my hands are proof that I overcame death. I now have the power to save you so grab the rope!”

    Finite put his fingers in the ears and said, “Now I know I am hearing things because there is no such thing as eternal life…Everyone dies so I am going to take my turn and just enjoy this warm sand until the end.”

    The man with the holes in his hand said, “If you won’t grab the rope, then I won’t be able to help you…please, please take the rope and I can pull you out. Have faith my friend.”

    A few moments later Finite sunk into the quick sand and out of sight. Finite was surprised that he did not die as expected. He just sat there surrounded by sand, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to talk with his fingers in his ears. Finite tried to comfort himself by thinking, “I would rather stay here for eternity than believe that the man with the holes in His hand could help me. Faith in that mirage is irrational!!

    So Finite sat in the quicksand for eternity. Day in and day out for eternity Finite was always thinking about the man with the holes in his hands. He would comfort himself thinking, “It was better to not have faith than to believe something that didn’t make sense.”

    The man with the holes in His hands continued to call him for the rest of eternity; however, Finite could not hear his voice because he had plugged his ears.

    The Lesson

    If you are not with Christ, you will be thinking about Christ for eternity anyway... so have faith.


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