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Friday, February 12, 2010

Catchup time

Well, a lot has happened and some didn't go as planned. I saw the Urologist from Vanderbilt on the 25th. He then revealed that all of the Cancer hadn't been removed. However it wasn't aggressive as he had thought it might be. So I will have to have BCG treatments in the bladder for 6 weeks then see him again May 3. So I arranged with the Urologist in Florida to have the treatments there. Our plans were to leave about the 1st of the month for Florida.

Loretta was scheduled for a nerve test on Friday the 29th and I had an appointment for a repair on the same day. HOWEVER, the weather turned that morning and we were advised to NOT head into Columbia. Good thing, as it started to snow before we would have gotten back home and ended up with about 6" of snow on the ground. That was followed by about a half inch of freezing rain. So Saturday we stayed indoors. Roads were good on Sunday, so we went to Lewisburg for shopping and dinner. We also filled both propane tanks as they were empty. The trees were ice covered and sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight. However some were down and a lot of limbs have fallen. We decided to then have my treatments in Columbia and scheduled to start the 4th. I also scheduled the truck repair and Loretta's the same day. So due to the fact that I wanted to get started as quickly as possible on my treatments and the cost of travel to Florida (also not sure as we could park as close to the Urologist there as in the past), we took Florida out of our plans this year.

The 4th we got all of our appointments and other needs in Columbia done, except treatment could not be done due to an infection. Also the truck needs a follow up on the repair as the parking brake still doesn't release properly (after a $600.00 Brake Spring cylinder. So 5 days on antibiotics then yesterday I got my first treatment. The shop also checked the parking brake on the truck and as it may take a while to solve the problem, this was scheduled for next Thursday. The BCG treatment isn't difficult and takes a very short time to administer which is good. However it is nasty stuff and does require being cautious.

So we will NOT have any travel to report on till at least early May.

All for now.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

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