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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is here in Central Tennessee

Well we haven't done any travelling except a bit locally and doctors and shopping.
BUT at last the weather has changed, in fact very much with temperatures getting into the 80's last week. The flowers have been blooming, trees leaving out and grass greening. Really beautiful around here now. But with Spring comes allergies and Loretta has been suffering for about a week now. She saw doctor last week and has meds to help. Yesterday I started sneezing too.

I completed my BCG treatments for Bladder Cancer and now waiting to see the surgeon for results. That was scheduled for 3 May, but he will be gone then so it is now 24 May. Which means that heading north will be postponed. All of the rest of our appointments and tests have been taken care of except hearing test mid May. I was in severe pain one morning and saw urologist that day. He had CT Scan and other tests suspecting a Kidney stone. None found, but some swelling in Kidney which may have indicated that I passed one. Then a week ago last Saturday I was sick all night and coughing a lot. By morning I was so ill that Cliff drove me to the ER. Tests and a CT Scan revealed no pneumonia. The previous scan had revealed some nodules in chest and this one indicated that they are NOT cancerous. GOOD news and except for the allergies I am feeling great again.

We got the broken water pipe repaired so now don't have to fill water tank and conserve water. That makes for longer showers, etc. HI. I have also done some painting on the rubber roof on the trailer and other little maintenance tasks on both truck and trailer. In addition I have done a bit of yard work, gardening and assisting around here.

Not much exciting, but that is it.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

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