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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Really gotten behind.

Have been pretty busy here so way behind on updates.  I took a job with the US Census and that kept me running for over a month.  But that is finished now,  so perhaps I can catch up on a few things again.  

The allergies don't seem to be bothering as much now, but still some.  Think the medication helped Loretta, but may have side effects.  She is very tired and weak for some reason.  Doctors are trying to locate cause.  In fact yesterday we were in an important meeting and she went to sleep in the office.  

I saw the Vanderbilt Urologist for follow up on the BCG treatments for Bladder Cancer.  I had expected he would scope the Bladder in his office.  BUT, NO - he wants another biopsy at Vanderbilt and the earliest that I could get was 29 June.  So we will be here in Tennessee till July now.  Had so wanted to attend my class reunion in Randolph, NY but really looks doubtful at this time.  They had also scheduled a follow up CT Scan on lungs in July but I got that moved to 28 June.

We missed out on the flooding that hit Nashville and west here.  But did get quite a bit of rain.  May was the wettest month on record in Nashville and that was well before the month ended.  It has been very warm here with temperatures hitting lower 90's at times and humid - very uncomfortable.   Also rain for-casted more days than not.  A few heavy storms in area, but at least they have missed this area.  Thank the LORD for that.  

Most weekdays we go to the Senior Center in Chapel Hill for lunch.  Get to visit with some new friends there and where else can one get a good meal for $1.25?  Have been doing the usual little maintenance tasks on truck and trailer.

Have had no major repairs to truck lately.  Did have it serviced a few weeks ago which was quite pricey but as it only gets done about every 10,000 miles is actually cheaper than the previous vehicles were.  I had been noticing a gear noise after startup at times.  So last week I took it to RP Williams in Columbia.  The starter was removed as I suspected that it was not disengaging immediately upon starting.  No damage to gears found which gives me some peace of mind.  AND so far no more noise after starting for some reason.

Sunday when getting ready for church, I went to flush the toilet.  There was a loud click then the valve would not open.  After church I removed it and disassembled it.  I located the broken part (a very small end of valve where actuating lever attaches).  I went online to get parts list and it didn't appear that the valve was a replaceable part.  I called Camping World in Nashville to find that they felt the same way.  So we went to their store and purchased a new toilet, expensive but nice.  On way back, I treated Loretta to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ in Franklin.  I had been to some of their restaurants but she hadn't.  She doesn't usually eat BBQ, but really enjoyed their great ribs.

Then home to install the new toilet, only to find a small water leak on the inlet.  I didn't have any pipe joint tape so kept water pump off except when needed till yesterday.  I picket up some tape and the leak seems to be gone after putting that on the pipe threads.  

The cost of our Medicare Supplement policies are getting way too costly.  Loretta's is up to $3500.00 this year and a recent increase brought mine over $2400.00.  Pretty tough to take with income actually decreasing some and all expenses increasing.  We had planned on dropping her and having her pay the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay which would be much cheaper.  However, our insurance agent called last evening with a new plan from Mutual of Omaha.  It would require some co-pay, but premium for Loretta would be just over $100/month.  He is supposed to come by this morning to discuss it and I may consider it also even though it would be a bit higher for me.  Still slightly more than half what I am now paying.

My Kodak camera quit working and I sent it in 2 or 3 times and each time it came back with the same problem or it occurred again in a few days.  I called Kodak and was told that if I returned it again, they would charge me for repairs, or they would give me a 15% discount on a new camera.  I think I had gotten about a 30% discount from Amazon and never really liked that camera.  As this was the 2nd Kodak that had failed me, I told them I was done with Kodak.  I purchased a new Nikon from Amazon cheaper than I could replace that one.  As of now I really like the Nikon camera.  Larger display and  visible in bright light which the Kodak cameras were not.  Several other good features.  Hope it is durable as I am rough on cameras in my pocket.

Have been waking early with difficulty getting back to sleep at times.  That is the case this morning, but will go back to bed now and hope that I can get some more sleep.

Bout it for now
GOD Bless and take care
Andy and Loretta


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