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Monday, July 05, 2010

Hope all had a Happy 4th

 Sunset from our patio

We have been keeping close the past month.   Loretta was ill and had several tests done with good results.  She appears to be feeling better now.  But the weather here hasn't encouraged much outside activity.  Temperatures have been mostly in the 90's and some near 100 with lots of humidity.  So we have been staying inside with the AC on a lot.  Even that doesn't help a lot as our AC doesn't really perform that well  where we are parked in the direct sunlight.  BUT it does cool it down a few degrees and reduces the humidity inside.

I had my CT Scan on the 28th and report was good.  It was just a follow up and expect to have another in the fall.  My Bladder Biopsy on the 29th went well also,  still a bit uncomfortable but that will pass.  When I got discharge papers, I thought the follow up appointment was scheduled in 2 weeks.  But they called to confirm and then found it was mid August.  I was able to get it moved to Cool Springs which is much closer than  Vanderbilt on the 16th of August.  A long way to wait for results though.  However when Loretta had appointment with our primary doctor he tole me he would advise me of results if he gets a report.  However, it appears we will be spending most of the summer in HOT Tennessee.  

We did have a couple of days in the 80's and the humidity is a bit less now, but temperatures are creeping back up.  We did have several strong but brief storms with no local damage

We celebrated with Loretta's relatives both Saturday and Sunday, enjoying great food and visits.  So our Independence Day celebration was great topped off with lots of local fireworks visible from our patio last evening.  We have also been enjoying fresh produce from local gardens which sure beats the supermarket option.

Guess that gets us up to date.  

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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