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Friday, August 13, 2010

Still stuck in Tennessee

The weather here hasn't been too conductive to enjoyment of this beautiful part of the country.  Yesterday was only the 3rd day in over a week that the temperature hadn't topped 100 degrees.  That and high humidity has kept the Heat Index over 100 for some time.  So we haven't accomplished much outside.  Richard and I did install new shock absorbers on our RV on a couple of days that were a bit cooler.  I also did a bit more  preventative maintenance tasks when weather permitted. 

I still haven't heard results on the biopsy, but "No News is Good News".  I see the surgeon on Monday for follow-up.  Plans were to leave next week and head to NY State.  It has been HOT there too, but cooling off a bit now.  Loretta's family is having a reunion there on Labor Day weekend and she sure has been looking for ward to that.

HOWEVER, she had some complications last week and visit to specialist resulted in more tests needed.  One was scheduled for today, but the other isn't till the 21st.  Then the follow-up with specialist is scheduled on the 26th and hoping that she has results then.

THEN Wednesday, she got very weak and I needed help to get her in the truck.  We were going out for supper at that time and she got into restaurant OK with use of her walker which she had only used one day in a very long time.  After eating, she was OK, and able to get around unassisted and without walker again.  I thought perhaps the problem was lack of activity as I had gone to a Co-Op farm show in Lavergne with neighbors.  She was able to get around well the rest of the evening.

BUT yesterday when we got ready to head to the Senior Center for lunch, she again needed the walker to get to the truck.  When she got out, she was unable to hold herself up at all.  We decided to get back into the truck for a trip to the ER.  However even with help from EMT's that had been called, we were unable to get her into the truck.  An ambulance had also been dispatched by then, so I had them take her to Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia.  Almost all afternoon was spent in the ER where many tests were performed.  She hadn't eaten all day and was very hungry and thirsty by the time she was admitted.  As soon as she got to her assigned room, a dinner tray was provided and she sure was glad of that.  She also seemed to be getting some of her strength back by then.

Our primary physician happened to be the doctor on call last evening.  This struck me as a strange coincidence as just a few days earlier he told us that he seldom did hospital duty anymore.  I waited till he saw her before leaving to come home.  He said the tests and his examination revealed no real cause for her weakness.  She was dehydrated, which may have been a contributing factor.  He has ordered more tests for today including an MRI of her back.  She is claustrophobic, so will really like that.

I sure hope that some reason for her problem can be found.  As of now, plans are to still head to Frewsburg, NY before the end of the month as she has her heart set on the reunion.  BUT what happens - happens, and whatever GOD wills is what will be done.  Fortunately, I am feeling great.

Please keep her in your prayers as they to help.

Thank you
GOD Bless


  • At 10:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hope Loretta has regained her strength. It's easy to get dehydrated...you just forget to drink lots of water and by the time you're thirsty, you're way dehydrated. I go to the gym every day after breakfast, then play golf. This week is the Antique Wireless Assn. annual conference. I'm their treasurer & high commissioner of security, so it will be a busy one for me. Best regards to you both. Stan Avery, WM3D


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