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Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on Loretta

Loretta spent 2 nights in the hospital, coming home Saturday.  The doctor that saw her Saturday said that the MRI was OK and no reason for her weakness shown in any test.  My thought was that it was mostly caused by the heat we have been putting up with.  It has cooled down somewhat and humidity is less.  in fact last 3 days didn't top 90 degrees.  And we had some much needed rain.  She still has 2 doctor visits next week, one for a test for a previous condition and then follow up with doctor.  We expect to be able to head north after that.  

I saw my surgeon on Monday.  He reports that the Cancer is still there.  But fortunately it is smaller and only on the inside of the bladder.  He wants 3 more BCG treatments in September followed up by another biopsy in November.  He was encouraged that the Cancer will be totally gone then . 
Otherwise not a lot to report.  Looking forward to getting to travel again, and Loretta's family reunion on Labor Day weekend.  

Thanks to all for their prayers and concern.
GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta


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