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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good news Florida here we come.

Parked near Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Well, after the back problem eased up some, I started to remove the old water heater while waiting for the new one to arrive from California.  BUT, I found that the Bypass valve only switched the cold water line.  If I removed it without plugging the line, we wouldn't have any water at all.  So left the hot water line hooked up to the heater, but did disconnect everything else and remove all mounting screws.  

Sunday evening we had wicked winds and very heavy rain.  I was afraid that the patio awning would  be torn off, so braved the rain to secure that.  Loretta's nephew came out to assist, but the heavy storm was very brief and by time we finished, it had passed.  Still a lot of rain the rest of night.  Monday we woke to find minor storm damage here but some nearby areas had received a lot.  Quite a lot of stuff blown around and the TV antenna at the house had blown over with some damage.  The water heater arrived Monday, so Richard and I installed that.  I did have a small leak on the cold water line.  It was attached too closely to the heater and had a twist in it.  I got a longer pipe nipple and material to seal leak as there wasn't enough plastic pipe to put a new connector on.  BUT when I got the line straightened out, found the leak no longer there.  That sure took a load off my mind.

They put the TV antenna back up at the house, but it wasn't working correctly.  We took it down and found shorted elements.  We straightened them and changed a connector at the house them the HDTV stations all came in OK.  After a couple of more visits to our Chiropractor, my back returned pretty much to normal.  Again on Wednesday we were under Tornado watch.  There were over 300 Tornadoes in the Midwest that day, but again we were lucky.  Thank the LORD.  Then the new water appeared to NOT be heating on AC.  As I do not want to be limited to using propane, I decided to trouble shoot the problem,  No fuses blown and all connections appeared to be intact.  However I found that the neutral side of the line seemed to be open.  Tracing the wires was impossible, so I picked up a ground at another location and spliced it in.  I am not sure but the original started to work by then also, but left them connected together.  

Thursday started our annual doctor visits and checkups, so I took Loretta to one that day in Columbia and Friday the 29th went to the Vanderbilt Medical Center Clinic at 100 Oaks Shopping Center near Nashville for my Pre-op for the biopsy on my Bladder to see if Cancer is gone.  That was scheduled for the 9th, but later moved to the 16th.

After 3 days of Tornado watches, the weather settled down with unusually warm temperatures.  We did have a few frosty mornings but no real hard freeze yet.  We have been kept quite busy with doctor visits and tests - all which came out quite well, as well as shopping and eating out.  We have had to go for propane 2 times, and expect Saturday will need to get more.  The furnace has been running quite a bit now (but would be a lot more in NY).  

Tuesday Loretta's daughter Sharon drove us to Vanderbilt Surgery Center in Nashville for my procedure.  They called Monday evening to ask us to arrive at about 1030 for surgery at noon instead of 2PM.  We arrived early, but when I was in the preparation room, had to wait for hours.  I expect it was still 2 when I finally got into the operating room.  The surgery went well and I was awake by the time they got back to the Recovery Room.  So as soon as a room available was moved there to visit with Loretta and Sharon and wait till my system started to return to normal.  The surgeon had told them that no sign of cancer.  I am to call Monday to see if path results are back.  He told me that if they are OK, I won't have to see him again till spring. Praise the LORD.  That means we should be able to winter in Florida again this year.   I was in quite a bit of pain so yesterday was pretty well dragged out after the pain medication.  

We have a few more appointments for next week and Thanksgiving Dinner with family.  Barring something unforeseen, we will be getting hooked up on the road and under way soon after that.  Sure looking forward to Christmas with family in Florida and visiting all of our friends there.

Calling for low in mid 60's tonight and some 70's by weekend.  Great for this late in the season.

Goodnight for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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