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Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess I told an untruth!!!!!

Things were looking very good.  After two Thanksgiving dinners with family here in Tennessee and one at church, we were well filled up.  I got results from my biopsy the following Tuesday and the Pathology report was also good.  But some suspect cells in Urine Test means 3 more BCG treatment sin February.  But I can have them wherever we are then.
Loretta's gynecologist had another Ultrasound scheduled which we wanted to do before heading south.  But that wasn't totally satisfacoty, so a D&C and Hystocopy were scheduled for Tuesday of this week.  They went very well and doctor was happy with results.  She said if lab test was good, she would let us know and not need follow up visit.
Everything seemed to be going well in the Recovery so I went to get truck.  But as it was very cold, the air line had frozen and I could not release parking brake.  Loretta's daughter had accompanied us, so I asked her to take Loretta home.  When engine heat thawed the brake, I went to the repaior shop to get air system winterized.  
As I left there, the phone rang, it was Sharon informing me that she was taking Loretta back to the ER as she was unresponsive when arriving home.  I met them there where she was oot of it.  They said she should have gone to bed at home to sleep off the anesthesia and would just put her in a room to sleep it off.  There they found her temperature elevated and BP all over the place  so ran a ton of tests and put her on antibiotics even no infection was found. 
Our doctor kept her overnight for observation.  She hadn't eaten since day before so was hungry and weak.  Her BP was low on Wednesday morning but temp was normal.  By time doctor arrived, BP was good too, so he released her.  On way home, we had dinner and she took rest of day easy.  Thursday I had a few errands to run and she went along.  When she did get out of truck she unsteady and needed a bit of support but didn't use cane.  She didn't eat well at all that day.  She thrashed around all night.
Friday at about 0430, she fell out of bed and couldn't help getting back in, I lifted her into bed and then checked her temperature to find it quite high.  I went to get some medication to find she had taken non on Thursday.  After giving her evening meds, she settled down some.  
Sharon called and talked to her, BP and temp was high and Sharon said she sounded congested.  She told me that she should see doctor.   With help from nephew, I got her into truck and back to ER.  Bunch of tests revealed no reason for her problem, but more antibiotic and a few days for observation.  Her temperature has settled down now, but BP still low at times.  She called to say she could come home yesterday, but when I got there found that wasn't the case.  I had gone in right away as it was snowing quite hard here.
We had heavy winds all day and night with temperatures getting down into the low teens by this morning.  Not a lot of snow on the ground though.  I just talked to Loretta again and she said she can come home.  I have some errands to run and an appointment early this afternoon, so it will be mid afternoon before I can get there.  But don't expect to get very warm - about 21 degrees now.

Will have to see what doctor says, but still hope to get to Florida for CHRISTmas with family there.

Andy and Loretta


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