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Sunday, March 13, 2011

About wound up in Arcadia

We have had a busy time here near Arcadia, FL  I had my series of 3 BCG treatments done at a Urology Center in Port Charlotte with only a few problems.  Now I will see the Vanderbilt Urologist on 3 April for results.  We visited friends and family in Englewood.  Also visited friends in South Venice and at Avion Palms in Bowling Green and others.  Dined out with family in Englewood and our hosts here in Arcadia as well as checking out most of the eating establishments nearby by ourselves.

I have also (with Glens assistance often) done a lot of repair and maintenance on out RV.  There was some damage to the floor in the large slideout.  Glen and I replaced the damaged portion (we were lucky as he had material available for the repair.  But then the slideout would not operate correctly, it had been binding for some time.  He and I tried repeatedly to adjust it without any luck.  Finally it quit moving entirely but could hear motor running.  He had heard a noise in that area before.  I removed the access panel between axles and removed the motor and gear assembly.  I found a drive pin broken (Glen had a pin here saving a trip to town).  After replacing pin and reinstalling the motor assembly, the slideout works better than it ever has.  I feel that the drive pin had slipped some time ago and was dragging.  This pin should NOT slip.  
I also washed the external of the trailer and cleaned off dark spots.  Then I repaired some pits on the sidewall and repainted these areas best I could.  Looks pretty good again!!

We are both feeling quite well and Loretta is holding up very well.  She still gets tired and weak at times, but not like she was before we left Tennessee.

We expect to be heading back there shortly as we have doctor appointments back there.  We do plan on visiting friends and family as we travel.

Weather here has been mostly excellent with lots of sun and usually nice breezes.  Temperatures have been in 70's and lower 80's mostly with nights usually in 60's.  We have had a few chilly nights in the 40's and a couple of days in 60's and heavy rain last Thursday.  The rain was greatly needed but nothing more in the near forecast.

Guess that about gets up to date again.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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