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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tied up in Georgia

 We left Arcadia after very nice visit with Glen and Sue.  We headed to Macon, GA under good conditions spending one night on the road.   We did have a flat on the trailer, but was able to pull into a spot in rear of restaurant where I could put spare on in the shade.  Good thing as it was very hot then.  As the tire was under warranty and my spare was good, I decided to wait till we get back in Tennessee to replace it.

In Macon, we visited Loretta's son Steve and his family.  They treated us to dinner 2 days and we took them out after church on Sunday.  Monday I took the truck to NexTran to have the parameters on the fan clutch reset so the engine would run a bit cooler.  We also fueled truck as fuel there was about as reasonable as we had seen in quite a while.  Also went to Camping World in Byron for repair kit for the water pump in the trailer.  They only had a complete pump assembly without motor available, so I purchased a new pump.  Will install that when we are at a good place to do the work.

Tuesday, we left the Shrine Club Campground early heading for Ft. Payne, AL.  We planned a stop at Denny's at the Flying J near Jackson, GA for breakfast.  BUT another tire blew out.  I would have removed it and drove on 3 wheels to a tire store.  However it was on the left side and the shoulder was quite narrow.  No way I was going to remove it on the Interstate with the heavy traffic passing.  So we limped to our planned exit but went to a tire shop nearby.  They happened to have a used tire of correct size in stock which I purchased and they installed.  However when making room in the truck bed for the damaged casing, I discovered quite a bit of oil on the floor.  It was coming from the engine.  The mechanic checked and found it was from the fitting where the oil dipstick enters the oil pan.  He tried to tighten the nut without any luck.  So he referred me to another repair shop nearby.

After delayed breakfast at Denny's, we went to the repair shop.  It wasn't long before I was able to drop the trailer and they got to work in the afternoon.   They worked on it till evening.  Had to raise engine and move engine mount to get the oil pan out to install a new fitting for the dipstick to fasten to.  It was getting towards 7PM when it was finished, I moved it to the trailer then settled up.  BUT when I went out to hookup, there was a puddle of oil under it again.  So after getting trailer leveled up and plugged into their power, we spent night.  OK, except next to a busy highway and quite noisy.

This morning they got to work on the truck again first thing.  I was told that the sealant used to seal the oil pan wasn't sufficient.   As of noon, they had the engine lifted and the oil pan  in position to reseal.  We were loaned a 2011 KIA to go for lunch.  They had to go to Atlanta to obtain a better sealant.  I think that has just arrived and hopefully we will be able to travel again in an hour or so.  

Till later
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


  • At 5:19 PM , Blogger Glyn & Di said...

    Hey Andy that's really bad luck having 2 flats and an oil leak. I dread having a flat as we have no spare wheel only an inflator with a pot of sealant to inject. Filled up today on our return to home- £99.75 for 75 litres- I'll let you do the maths!
    73 Glyn & Di


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