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Friday, April 08, 2011

The LORD works in strange ways

Our last trip to Florida and return had many evidences of HIS presence. (1) As I posted before, we had a fuel leak on way south.  When we got to Shrine Club Campground in Macon, I found truck shop only 4 miles away.  They diagnosed problem and made temporary repair for 1/2 hour labor charge.     Then when parts were delayed 2 days, the repair was done at no charge to us.   Then when we arrived at our destination near Arcadia, FL,  (2) Glen had material, tools and knowledge to help with repairs to large slide out.   (3) While doing that, a pin on the drive shaft sheared and again, he had pin to replace and assisted in repair (How fortunate that it happened there instead of at a campground where I would have had to call in Road Service for repair.     

(4) Then on the way back, the 2nd tire failure was only a mile or so from a truck tire shop that had a used tire of right size in stock.  There I discovered oil leak from engine.  They attempted repair but couldn't do so sent us to repair shop only a mile or so away.   (5)  There, they provided parking space, electric, WiFI and transportation for meal runs to nearby Denny's.  In addition they paid for dinner one evening at a great restaurant.  Couldn't have asked for better service.  However, they had difficulty getting the oil pan reinstalled so that it wouldn't leak.  When that was finally sealed (they obtained correct sealant from International), there was still a small leak at the dipstick fitting.  I didn't know till then that they had attempted to repair the original one with new O-Ring as a new fitting was not available for several days.  So now obtain the new fitting, raise the engine and drop the oil pan for the 5th time.  I wish they had told me that at first and I would have told them we would wait.  Also had they done that first time and obtained correct sealant from International, the job should have been done the first time.  As it was, we spent a week there,  we did have use of the truck for shopping and some sightseeing over the weekend!!

We finally got on the road again in the afternoon a week ago last Tuesday.  So we overnighted one night along the way.  On Thursday, we exited the Interstate at Mansfield, TN and went to a Logan's Roadhouse for lunch.  (6)  As we pulled into the lot there, there was steam all over.  I parked and opened the hood to find water on the engine but couldn't see where it came from.  I speed-ed up the engine and there was a fountain coming from the top radiator hose.  I felt that I might be able to cut off the damaged part so we ate lunch while waiting.  While eating, I talked to some other customers and was told there was a truck repair shop only a few hundred yards away.  We went there and I was told that I could walk across the street to Wal-Mart and get some sealant and tape and repair it myself so I wouldn't have to pay the $40.00 minimum. (7) I said that I might have those in the trailer, but he went and got a new tube of sealant and roll of tape.  He then cleaned the damaged area off but then said he thought he could cut off the damaged portion.  So he did that himself so I gave him a tip for his time.  So that means there was at least 7 miracles in addition to safe travel and fair weather for the trip.

The rest of the trip was uneventful trying a different route through Central Tennessee countryside.  When we arrived here, it had been raining, so our usual spot wasn't usable.  So we parked and set the trailer up on the gravel pad in front of the shop.  Loretta had been complaining of pain in left shoulder and arm.  So we went to the doctor on Friday and left trailer wheel at Buddy's Tire Store in Columbia. I was told that the tires were NOT under warranty and price has gone up to almost $250.00 each.  So I ordered only one and will keep the used tire for a spare.  The doctor said Loretta's pain was in the Bursa and a shot gave temporary relief.  She is using a heating pad and some lineament which does provide some relief.  

They were happy to see us back at Ray's Chapel UMC on Sunday.  After church and lunch, we went to Lynnville to visit Loretta's daughter and family and pick up our mail.  We also stopped at Texas T Campground for some propane.  Monday, I saw the Urologist at Vanderbilt Cool Springs,  he wants to look inside my bladder next month.  We had somewhat hoped to catch a rally at Ashville, NC this month then head north - Oh Well!!   While at his office a strong thunderstorm arrived.  It eased off a bit, so we had lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ then stopped by for a short visit with Loretta's niece.  On way home, we made a short stop at Wal-Mart in Franklin and while there a Tornado Warning was sounded.  So we couldn't do our shopping till that was lifted and were herded to the center of the store.  

On Tuesday, Loretta had a doctor appointment in Columbia, so I stopped at RP Williams truck repair to have the defective radiator hose replaced.  Also picked up the trailer wheel with new tire at Buddy's.    Then yesterday, I had to go back for a CT Scan.  It was a beautiful day so when I got back, I installed the wheel with the new tire in place of the used tire which I will keep for a spare.  We then parked the trailer on the grassy area and got set up for a lengthy stay.  We have been going to the Senior Center for lunch and visit when we could.  And today after coming home, I finished the trailer setup and made a minor adjustment on the small slide out.

I guess that has us pretty well up to date.
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