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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hot day in Central Tennessee

The remains of Kevin and Tabathia's house in Alabama

April was a rather eventful day here in Central Tennessee.  The truck was starting poorly, and investigation revealed a broken Glow Plug relay.  So another trip to the repair shop to have that replaced.  Still not starting like it should, but I know a couple of glow plugs aren't up to snuff.  Other than some cleanup work, we haven't had much in line of vehicle challenges.

A few doctor visits and tests which all came back with good results and mostly to see again in November.  I to have to see the Vanderbilt urologist tomorrow for a look inside my bladder, but expect that will be positive also.  If so, we will then be cleared to head north.  As of now, we plan on going to the Dayton, OH Hamvention in 2 weeks before heading to Western NY. 

We did miss the RV rally in North Carolina, but with costs the way they are and having to return for appointments felt it was best to forgo that.  Hopefully we will be able to attend some later in the year.  In addition, we have several reunions and parties scheduled to attend in NY State.

We have been surrounded but bypassed by several severe storms.  We have had heavy rains and winds at several times which resulted in securing our patio awning, but not even many limbs down.  However one tornado did pass within a couple of miles of us doing quite a bit of damage in its path.  Most of the bad tornadoes passed to the south of us destroying a lot of Alabama and southeast Tennessee.  Loretta's grandson and family lived in a small town near Ft. Payne, AL which was pretty well wiped off the map.  They lost their house, but had taken refuge at their place of employment which was away from the storms.  So none of them were injured - Thank the LORD.  Now as you know from the news, the western end of the state and other low laying counties are being flooded by the heavy rains.  Our temperatures have been up and down with several days in 80's then some in 50's, with warm nights and some frost warnings.  Today was up into 80's again and 90's forecast for tomorrow.  Farmers haven't been able to plant crops due to the wet weather and just this week started to harvest hay, 2-3 weeks late.

I have been attending Ray's Chapel United Methodist Church, and Loretta also when she was feeling up to it.  She hasn't been feeling too well quite a bit of the time and not getting a lot of exercise. We have stopped at the Senior Center for lunch and I take advantage of the exercise machines at the new facility.  The visiting is good for Loretta and one cannot beat $1.25 lunches.  They are really quite good and complete too.  Easter Sunday there was a Potluck breakfast at church, and another last Wednesday at the Senior Center.  Eat, eat, eat - hard to keep weight under control.  Also dinners at Loretta's daughter and daughter in laws in additional to our other favorite dining places.  We have done usual shopping trips, but no sightseeing or tourist attraction.  I have done a few PM tasks and walked around the property here, but that is about it.

Hoping this finds you well.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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