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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Western NY

 View from our window before leaving Tennessee

The balance of our stay in Tennessee went well.  Doctor report was satisfactory and no more treatments scheduled.  He does wish to do another biopsy in the fall when we return to Tennessee.  The weather had gotten terribly hot with most days nearing 100 degrees which made things very uncomfortable.  But due to the amount of rain in Western New York, decided to wait till ground dried up a bit there.

We left Chapel Hill on the 7th of June and most of the trip was HOT.  I had installed an override switch on the fan clutch on the truck and the first day had that in the on position most of the day.  Also drove in 4th gear to keep fan speed high enough to keep engine cool while towing.  The second day was somewhat better and most of time ran normally.  By second evening we were almost to Pennsylvania with about a hundred miles left to our destination.  Rather than have to park and setup with darkness approaching, we opted to overnight at a truck stop. 

We arrived at our summer location before noon and found the ground hard enough to park in our usual space.  We parked, did most of our setup and unwound for the rest of day as well as visiting with our hosts.  The following day completed setup (getting awnings out, etc.), and other small tasks.  On Saturday a trip to Wal-Mart near Warren, PA was in order to replenish supplies and some medications.   This was followed by taking our hosts out for dinner and visit.

The rest of our stay so far has consisted of visiting friends, shopping and dining out.  Last week we also went to the Teamsters Retirees luncheon in my old hometown.  I have also done a bit of yard work around here and assisted Tom with a couple of Ham Radio projects.  Also last Friday a trip to the International dealer took up most of the day (and finances).  I wanted some checks done on computer and some bare wires were discovered to the plug for the injector control solenoid.  Very simple and inexpensive job and computer results were acceptable.  However after replacing the plug, the truck wouldn't start.  So the solenoid was replaced which is a pricy item and very difficult to change.  There are still some things that I wish to address at a later date.

Weather has been mostly good since arrival here and a lot cooler than Tennessee.  It has neared 80 degrees a few days, but some only in 60's.  We have had some rain, but no severe thunderstorms.  In fact as I write this it is getting very windy and looks like more rain.  We are both doing well health wise and I have been walking about 4 miles a day.  That was difficult in Tennessee due to traffic and no shoulders on highway.

Guess that gets us up to date for now.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
RVLoretta @gmail.com


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