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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Been way too long

I apologize about the delay on getting another update out.  

The weather here has been everything from HOT, but NOT like what we left in Tennessee, to chilly with a few days not getting out of 50's and nights in 40's.  Perhaps some valley areas had some frost?  Most of the time weather has been mild with some storms, but nothing serious.

We have kept busy visiting friends and family.  We attended my 60th Class Reunion which was well attended and great to get together with classmates.  Also attended Pig Roast at one of my grandsons home where we got together with both my family and his wife's family - great time.  Loretta's family had a reunion Labor Day Sunday preceded by a great party on Saturday at her niece's new home.  We also attended the Teamsters Retirees Picnic and 2 of the monthly lunches.

Our health has been good and I am doing great.  My walking has decreased some with rainy and cooler weather, but still probably average a couple of miles a day.  Loretta still having some difficulty walking and is shaky and weak at times, but she still keeps going.  I did have to take her to the ER in Warren, PA a couple of weeks ago.  She was complaining of severe pain in her left side in the rib area.  She was checked over and X-Rays revealed no broken ribs.  Dr. said that one may be cracked which wouldn't show up on X-Ray.  Said all that could be done was address the pain.  She is still hurting some, but has taken very few pain pills.

I have been keeping busy when home assisting our host Tom W2DRZ with his Ham Radio repeater system.  Also have done some yard and tree work for them.  In addition there have been some of the usual PM jobs on the truck and trailer.  I have had the truck in the shop a few times doing some service work and checking an engine problem that started in April,  not positive what it is yet, but probably expensive.

I expect that it will soon be time to think about heading back to Tennessee.  It feels like fall is approaching, and we plan on heading out before any snow hits.  We have to get back to doctor appointments the last week in October, so hopefully weather will cooperate so we can stay till then.

Bout all  GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta



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