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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in Tennessee

Well, we finished our stay in Western NY with a couple of nights in the 30's.  Some frost in the valleys, but none on the hilltop.  Lowest there was about 37 degrees. 

The problem with the truck may not have been injectors which would have been very expensive.  It appeared to be problem with electrical connection from the Electronic Control Module to the injectors.  Cleaning and lubricating those connectors appears to have the problem under control.  Too bad we didn't try that earlier as a lot of time and money was spent on addressing the situation.  I did have the truck serviced and tires rotated in preparation for travel.  When the wheels were off, a leaking axle seal was found.  So a week later, I took it back for that and in replacing that the brake caliper was found to be in bad shape.  We were without wheels 2 days waiting for that very expensive part to arrive.  But shouldn't have to worry about that seizing up at the worst possible time.  In fact that did happen on the other side several years a couple of days before Christmas and we parked in the repair shop for about a week.

I think I mentioned in last post that we had attended my 60th Class reunion and the Teamsters Retirees Picnic.  We also made a few of the retirees luncheons, a Pig Roast at my grandson's, Loretta's family reunion and a wedding on her side of the family.  We also visited several friends, but as Loretta was under the weather at times didn't begin to get all the way around.  Of course some dining out with friends and shopping trips.

We left Monday and spent 2 nights on the road with great weather and no vehicle challenges.  Monday night we spent in a truck stop near Berkshire, OH and I attempted to assist the RV'ers next to me with an electrical problem.  In doing so, we discovered that they lived only about 3 miles from where we had spent the summer.  Small world isn't it.  We arrived at our destination near Chapel Hill, TN yesterday afternoon, taking a bit of a detour as a truck fire and accident had I-65 blocked all day.  I was able to get parked and completely set up yesterday afternoon.

Today we had lunch at the Senior Center and then came to Loretta's daughters to pick up our mail and join them for supper, stopping for propane at Texas T Campground on the way.  Tomorrow will be the day to stock up on groceries again.  And we are looking forward to Sunday when we get to attend Ray's Chapel UMC in the new location in Unionville, TN

Guess that is about it for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
RVLoretta @gmail.com


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