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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just an update

Really not anything new here.  Loretta has 2 caregivers now.  One comes in for 5 hours 6 mornings a week.  The other comes in Sunday afternoons for 5 hours and 2 hours 5 evenings a week.  Saturday evening is shared by the 2 of them.  I tend to her Sunday mornings.  This sure takes a lot of strain off of me, but it doesn't allow us to do much.  I do get her out almost every afternoon for short ride and lunch, this gets her to walk a bit and get in and out of truck at least 2 times.   She also goes to church with me most Sundays.

I have been doing a fair amount of driving for a nearby auto dealer.  Mostly 2-3 hour trips, but have made several of up to 13 hours.  This I could not do without the Caregivers being here and sometimes devoting extra time.  This sure gives me a break and helps some financially also.  

We recently discussed going to Florida for a month, but Loretta says she isn't up to the trip.  So I guess we will be spending another winter in Tennessee.  Hope it is better than last one.  I still haven't had the funds to repair the minor damage from going down the bank last winter.  

As usual, we have had some doctor visits which all came out OK.  My follow up on Cataract surgery was good.  Loretta has been having recurring neck pain.  A trip to bone and joint Clinic didn't provide much relief.  So she has been seeing our Chiropractor for past 2 months.  She gets relief from those visits but that only lasts a few weeks.  

As far as I know that is about all I can add to previous posts.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
RVLoretta @gmail.com


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