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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Updating NOT MUCH

I don't know as this previously posted

Really not much to add from here in Central Tennessee.  The Bone and Joint doctor prescribed a 1 week  Prednisone routine for Loretta.  That didn't help the neck pain much.  So last week we started a series with a Chiropractor.  She has had 3 sessions so far and seems to be much better.  Will have a final one on Tuesday.

She now has 2 Caregivers coming in each day except Sunday.  One from 8 till 1 then another from 5-7.  Another comes in from 5-7 to prepare supper and get her ready for bed.  Sundays only one in afternoon from 3-8.  They are both very helpful and relieves a lot of strain for me.  I do try to get her out each day.  She doesn't want to exercise or walk here.  So that does require a bit of both.  We usually stop at a restaurant, or Wal-Mart.  She eats better at a restaurant than here for some reason.  She has lost a lot of weight so it makes me happy to see her eat.  

I am feeling very well and doing quite a bit of work around the trailer.  I have been neglecting my daily walks. I really should do therm, but weather and insects haven't been cooperative.  We had a very HOT spell with high humidity and several rainy periods.  Our Air Conditioner quit on abut the hottest day of the year (naturally).  That has hurt our finances this month as it cost about $800 to replace that.  $400+ a while back also has kept us a bit strapped financially.  But hopefully things will be improving on that front.

We haven't traveled any real distance from the campground.  Mostly shopping, dining and doctor visits.  Some of Loretta's family have stopped by from time to time.  I have been driving for a local Chevy dealer.  Only 3 trips of any distance, but quite a few local ones.  That gives me a break in the daily routine and helps the budget a bit.  

Other than that, nothing to report really.

GOD Bless
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