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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Don't know what happened to last post.

Well, I did post last month.  BUT it was just pointed out that it doesn't appear.  Not sure that I cam remember but not too much has happened.  

We did go to Loretta's grandson's near Murfreesboro for Thanksgiving.  Most of family was there and a good time, visit and meal was enjoyed.  

Christmas was spent with a granddaughter  near Pulaski, TN.  It was a very rainy day and I got stuck turning into her drive.  So this dampened spirits some but it was still a very good day.  With help, I was able to get back onto the hard drive before dinner.  

Saturday before Christmas Loretta had an earache.  She went to the local clinic where an antibiotic was prescribed along with medicine to prevent shingles as swelling was into cheek.  (She lost an eye to Shingles many years ago).  the next day she had a sore throat and difficulty breathing.   So we took her to the ER in Columbia.  They ran all kinds of tests and kept her overnight for observation.  No real reason found but some infection.  Doctor prescribed 2 more antibiotics.  Then on 24th, she had bad case do diarrhea.    So to ER in Lewisburg where doctor took her off 2 of the antibiotics.  That pretty well took care of that problem.  But then a couple of weeks ago, she was very weak and unsteady.  We were able to get her into the truck with difficulty but required help getting out at the hospital in Columbia.  They again ran lots of tests and hydrated her and kept her a day for observation.  We were told that they would try to get strength back but she ate very little.  A therapist was supposed to come, but I guess Insurance said NO.  When they discharged her, she needed help to get into wheel chair and into caregiver's car to come home.  We got her into the trailer with difficulty but she was so tired that had to be helped into bed.  I don't think she should have been sent home, but she is getting stronger now.   Caregiver hours have been increased to help also.

Other than that nothing unusual.  Some shopping, light maintenance, doctor, etc.  Weather has been off and on.  Some warm days and a few cold ones.  Only one day with snow and not much then.    We have had some winds and heavy rain but tornadoes bypassed us again.  Lovely sunny day with temps in mid 50's and breezy.  But weather man calling for getting cold and good chance of snow this week.  

We sure miss going south in the winter (and north in summer), but Loretta isn't up to any real travel now.

Guess that will do for now.  
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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