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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Long time no news

Sorry to be so late on updating our status here.  I know that I started at least one, but lost them somehow.  Then my computer failed and I had quite a job getting everything running in the new Windows 10 computer.  Some of my old programs will not work.   ALSO LOST MY ADDRESS BOOK.  AM REBUILDING SLOWLY, BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE ON IT, SEND AN EMAIL.  ALSO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT MY FORWARDS, OR JUST SPECIAL NEWS OR WISH TO BE ON THE PRAYER LIST.

The chiropractor has helped with Loretta's neck and she is still seeing him about once a month.  Otherwise we are about the same, she is still weak and not gaining any weight.  I did get her enrolled at the local Physical Therapy clinic.  So far, only 2 visits, but she does respond well and I hope that will help.  The schedule is 2 visits each week.  We also go to devotions, bingo, lunch and visit at the Presbyterian Church.  We usually attend church also unless Loretta isn't up to it.  As she isn't supposed to be left alone (she took a tumble while I was on a driving job), I cannot attend those weeks either.  Both bingo and church cancelled this week due to weather.

Before the weather got too cold and wet, I did get a lot done outside but missed some.  Thanksgiving was spent at Loretta's grandson's near Murfressboro.  She held up well, most of the family was there and a good time and feed was had.  Christmas was at her granddaughter's south of Pulaski.  That was a very rainy day and when pulling into driveway, got stuck.  I was afraid that a tow truck would be needed, but with some help was able to get back onto the hard drive.  That did dampen spirits some, but we still had a good time and visit.  

Last week, I went to a follow up appointment at Vanderbilt where I got good results.  The weather has been mostly mild with quite a bit of rain.  We did have some frosty mornings, but till this week only a few flakes of snow in the air.  Thursday was rain all day and night, turning into snow at about 1030 on Friday.  Not really a heavy snow which lasted about 24 hours.  Maybe 2-3" but only 1 on the ground.  Barely got above freezing yesterday so still there.  It is 35 now and supposed to get over 40 today so I expect that most will be gone by evening.  Not so in Nashville - about 40 miles north.  They had 8.5" at the airport there.  I haven't moved the truck for 2 days, but need propane.  So this afternoon expect to get that and do some shopping.  
Due to the weather, Loretta's caregivers were not here Friday evening or yesterday.  So I have provided her needs.  I do hope the Sunday caregiver (a Mennonite) arrives today though.  

Guess that is about all.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
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