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Monday, August 30, 2004

August 30

August 30 Mitchell, SD

Saw a small jackrabbit in the campground this morning, first outside our trailer then again later while taking a walk. He didn’t seem to be afraid, probably spoiled by the guests. Skies were partly overcast with temperatures in the 50’s. But as the day progressed, the clouds all disappeared and the temp got to about 90 with brisk winds again.
We started west of Rapid City in the Black Hills then east of town it became rolling farmland and pasture. That later became very rough land with lots of canyons and the Badlands visible in the distance. We decided not to stop at the famous Wall Drug in Wall as well as several other points of interest as Loretta didn’t feel up to walking. Breakfast was at Kadoka and we stopped at one rest area that featured the Lewis and Clark expedition with a lot of displays and art. Also a fantastic view from the stern of a simulated Keelboat of the same length that was used on the expedition.
Then on to Mitchell where we got supper at Marlin’s Truck Stop. We decided to park at Wal-Mart for the night, but Cabell’s Sporting Goods is just across the street and was strongly considered. I understand it is second only to Bass Pro Shops and perhaps will go there (and maybe the Corn Palace) before leaving tomorrow. Loretta was ready to lie down for while by then.


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