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Friday, August 27, 2004

Heading East

August 26 Post Falls, ID
Decided to catch up on email and computer this morning so I can get things ready to travel. Then after coffee, we secured and got hooked up. Norm was assisting on getting the new well hooked up. I didn’t get out before they shut the pump off, so water tank doesn’t have much in it. We said our farewells and got on the road following a route Norm had suggested. The overcast we woke to turned to a drizzle before too long. Loretta was able to travel quite well but we did make several stops to relax her leg. I had planned on viewing Snoqualmie Falls, but missed the turn into the parking area for large vehicles. Then passed a bunch of very old railroad equipment but no good place to park. We then spotted a large log in an enclosure where I could park. I walked over and photographed the 450-year-old log on a sawmill carrier that was really not large enough to hold it properly. It would be quite a job making the first few cuts on something that size. Also took a few photos of trains, etc but decided not to walk back to the old ones in drizzle.
As we started up Snoqualmie Pass, it started to rain in earnest and we were in the clouds. I am sure the view would have been fantastic had we been able to see it, but was hardly able to see the road.
After passing the summit, it immediately started to clear up though. We stopped in Eaton for lunch and by then had blue skies. We were soon in an area of sagebrush and desert plants. But a lot of this has been irrigated and we saw an awful lot of acreage planted to wheat, corn, hay and other crops. If there is water, that land yields great crops. We stopped at Wild Horse Monument and overlook where we got a great view of part of Moses Lake and the surrounding countryside. It appeared that there had been descriptions of the area and the monument on the peak nearby. But they were gone and only graffiti in their place. Did get some pictures of the monument and countryside though. It started a light rain again there, which followed us the rest of the afternoon. We made another rest stop then one for supper before arriving in Spokane. Quite a bit of highway construction there, so glad to get through in the evening instead of rush hour. We stopped at the Flying J near Post Falls, ID for fuel after which I parked in the RV lot. After a snack in the restaurant, we came home and called it a day.


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