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Friday, August 27, 2004

Now in Montana

August 27 Rocker, MT (near Butte)
There are clouds over the mountains this morning, which is quite pretty. My inverter hadn’t worked last night, so couldn’t do my computer records. I remembered that in Jasper, AB I had disconnected it from the battery. So I did part of my computer bookwork before going into the restaurant for breakfast. We stopped at Wal-Mart and got new batteries for the trailer - one of the old ones tested bad, they were only about a year old but too small. Then we headed across Idaho on Interstate 90. The farther we went, the heavier the overcast became and finally it started to rain. We were above a lot of the clouds at times, but they were not covering the roadway as they did yesterday. After we got east of the mountains, the rain finally quit and it slowly cleared the rest of the trip.
We made a lunch stop and a few stops to stretch the legs and rest, but other than a few signs at pullovers the only sightseeing we did was from the truck. Surprisingly we saw few log trucks until we got into Montana. Also other that wildfowl, the only game we saw was one herd of Bison. Roads were mostly good and we made good time but didn’t hurry too fast. Stopped early at one campground, but wasn’t impressed so continued on and then by time we did stop decided just to overnight at a Pilot Truck Center. Had supper there, but Loretta was in a lot of pain, so didn’t eat much. I also found an antenna adapter for our cell phone, which I had been searching for. Then home to catch up on computer before going to bed.


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