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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Back in Tennessee

September 4

The office at Town and Country RV Park was closed in the evening when we arrived. Yesterday morning it still was, and I didn't have the correct change for the Self Register. So I went for a walk, and found a pathway that led to a farm building out back. There was a pickup parked in front of it with the door open, so I went there and found the owner. He had been baling hay the evening before when we arrived. We had a nice visit and then he took me for a ride around the farm to show me some of the best Soybeans I had ever seen.

He had moved to Sikeston, MO from the Imperial Valley of California. So he had greded the fields for "Flood Irrigation", a lot of farmers around Sikeston do not irrigate at all. But it sure shows in his crops. He had also leveled the campground area and put crushed stone roadways and parking sites. He had planted a lot of flowering shade trees and the spring photo he showed me was beautiful. After settling up for the night in the campground we got back on the road. Before leaving MO, we fueled as I expected cheaper prices (NOT MUCH), also got breakfast there. By the time we entered Illinois (for a few hundred yards) then Kentucky, the roads were very crooked and hilly. They were somewhat better in Tennessee. Sitting in one spot was getting to me, so we did make another stop to strech out some. We arrived at Circle P Farm just ahead of the rain. But it only sprinkled while I got parked and set up.

Loretta's son and his wife stopped by for a visit and to invite us to the wedding of their daughter today. We visited with Sharon (Loretta's daughter who is recuperating from Knee Replacement surgery) After supper, we returned to our trailer as I was beat. In fact all night I hurt everyplace one could I think. But getting better this morning.

Unfortunately even with the Wilson Trucker Antenna, I still cannot get cell phone signals here. So will have to do email on line from the computer in the house and keep this updated there also.

Have a Happy Holiday


  • At 4:04 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    September 6 Circle P Farm Lynnville, TN

    Really not much accomplished over the weekend. I did get the Wilson Trucker antenna working so now can do the Internet from the computer I had developed a pain in my right leg. Saturday it was gone, but I ached all over and had a fever. That got worse as the day progressed. I did get out to drive Loretta and daughter Sharon to granddaughter Kim’s wedding in Pulaski. But Sharon is recuperating from knee replacement and Loretta’s leg bothering so we didn’t stay very long. Good thing as I was really feeling yucky by then. When we got back, I mostly rested and medicated. By evening the fever had started to come down, but Sunday morning I still ached and had put in a rough night. So we didn’t attempt to attend church and I continued rest and medication. By evening the fever was pretty well gone. But still dragged out today as I put in another night of spending almost as much time up as in bed, so took it easy most of the day.

  • At 11:53 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Saturday Sept 11 (Remember 911)

    A fairly busy week. Took Loretta to family doctor on Tuesday. He agreed with the ER doctor in Everett, WA. Has ordered a MRI of her leg and arranged an appointment with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adams for the 20th. So her leg is on hold for now, but getting better each day. She sometimes gets along without the cane and usually doesn't use the brace in the trailer.

    On Wednesday, I went to my dentist. He checked the tooth that had troubled me on the Travelcade. He felt a specialist was in order and arranged an appointment with Dr. Head in Columbia. So Thursday, I went there. He indicated that a root canal was in the offing. He would have done it then, but I had already been in the chair over an hour and Loretta was waiting. It would probably take another 3 hours. But that is better than the last 2 I had which took about a week of return trips. Before leaving Columbia, we had lunch, she got a perm and I did some shopping.

    Whatever was bothering me over the weekend has pretty well left. But still decided to take it easy yesterday. I did tend to a few chores around the trailer and in the evening we took Loretta's son Dave and wife out for supper.

  • At 1:50 PM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Thursday September 16


    Well, where to I begin. Loretta is slowly improving and getting along better as is her daughter Sharon. On Sunday she was up to going to church, but not the Sunday School. We did stop in during class to say HI.

    Mostly puttering around this week here and watching the hurricane news. I did wash the truck and most of the trailer. I also got a new inverter to replace the TrippLite unit that was so noisy that we couldn't listen to AM radio. Not sure this one is all that much better, but seems to be less interference on my Ham Radio.

    Loretta's MRI was scheduled for Tuesday, but Bill (her son-in-law) knew that she is claustrophobic so changed it to yesterday so she could have an Open MRI. When they took her from registration, I was told to be at the MRI trailer in 25 minutes to pick her up. After almost an hour, they brought her out and said the machine had broke. So they took her inside for a Closed MRI. It really wasn't as bad as she expected, and I was able to be there with her which helped. So now the next thing is to visit the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday.

    Last evening Bill, his daughter Michelle, friend Bill Allen and I went to a farm pond near Prospect, TN for some fishing. The panfish were biting very well and we caught over 50 which we brought back here. Bill and Michelle cleaned them after supper, so a good fish dinner is in the offing.

    Hurricane Ivan came ashore near Mobile and is expected to head this way. But the winds apparently are dying down rapidly. It did start to rain last evening and has continued off and on but fairly light and little winds. I did top off the water tank and secured the awnings just in case. Now it is mostly wait and see - we are under a flood watch here till Sunday.

    More Later.

  • At 3:34 PM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Sunday September 19

    Well, the storm pretty well missed us. In the area there was some building damage, trees down, power outages and flooding. Here at Circle P Farm we had a short power outage, lots of rain (some with heavy winds). Mostly small and dead branches down, so spent some time picking up around the yard.

    Other than that, not too much happening. A trip to Columbia yesterday for shopping and beauty shop visits. And puttered around at little tasks around the rig. This morning we went to Church in Campbellsville, but Loretta was pretty uncomfortable by the time the sermon finished. So she rested a while before going to the house where Grandson Kevin Payne and his family is visiting.

    Daughter Sharon is coming along better each day also and the new knee is good enough that she is able to go upstairs again. Expecting a large family dinner later today.

  • At 1:25 AM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Tueday September 21

    Busy week. Yesterday was Loretta's appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. He showed us the MRI pictures and said that a small piece of the Meniscus (cartilage in the knee) had torn loose and was causing the pain and a lot of fluid on the knee. He said that he felt that surgery was in the offing but could give a Cortisone shot if she wanted. But he said that he had just received a cancellation so he could do the surgery today. So a good share of the day making arrangements and having tests done.

    She was scheduled for noon today, but we got a call this morning to be there at 10. So we hurried around as it is almost an hours drive to Columbia. Then we had to wait till after 11 to get in. He had 2 surguries ahead of Loretta's. But in a little over an hour, she was in, had the knee repaired and was ready to leave the recovery room. While she was there, I went to the Dentist that will be doing my Root Canal and made an appointment for next Wednesday.

    After getting Loretta again, we made a stop for some pain medication for her. She was hungry as she hadn't been allowed to eat since yesterday. So we got lunch, then home for her to rest, elevate her leg and ice her knee. She was feeling pretty good by suppertime so we went to the house for supper with the family. But it is pretty sore now. I imagine the medication they used for the surgery is working out. But she says she already feels better and I am sure the pain will go away in a few days.

    Guess that is it now.


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