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Thursday, September 02, 2004

September 2

September 2 Sikeston, Missouri

Last night the lights were blinking, so I checked this morning and found a circuit breaker tripping that switched the 12V between the batteries and the converters. Also found that the battery disconnect relay seemed to be stuck closed. I bypassed the relay with a fuse but couldn’t get relay working. We then got on the road and stopped for food, fuel and dump tanks after getting back on I-70. We took I-270 around St. Louis and after getting on I-55 found a RV dealer. But the shop was backed up there. Talked with the service manager about the problem while there.
We stopped at Wal-Mart in Festus, MO where they checked the batteries to find no problem. Then we got dinner at Ryan’s. We located a campground off the highway and when we called they did have spaces available. It was a couple of very hilly, crooked miles that was partly dirt. When we got there, they wouldn’t accept the discount card even though they were in the directory. It looked like a dumpy place and didn’t appear to be worth the $20 they wanted - they said that was a discount price. Glad we decided to move on as the interior roads were terrible and spaces were no where near level even though well shaded. We did find another near Sikeston for $15 with large level sites, on a good road. Did not check in as the owner was baling hay, but understand he is great. Visited with several other campers including one with a Wiers Towmaster a year older than ours. They also used to belong to the Avion Travelcade Club and know many of our Florida friends. And to top it off he is an Amateur Radio operator. So a nice visit till the bugs sent me home to do my computer work and watch the President speak on TV.


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    September 1 Reform (Steedman), Missouri

    After checking the rig, we went into the restaurant for breakfast. Skies were almost clear this morning with mild breeze. The overcast increased as the day progressed, but still lots of sun and HOT again. We fueled near Dearborn, MO - price was 168.9/gal and the lowest we have paid since last time in Missouri. We tried several times to call Loretta’s sister in Adrian, MO without any luck. Had tried earlier in the week also, so they may be traveling themselves? Traffic was fairly light around Kansas City, but when we got on I-70 we immediately ran into tie-ups at construction sites. I-70 traffic was pretty heavy all the way. We got lunch near Oak Grove and a snack near Boonville. We needed a rest by then and spent over an hour there.

    We decided as it was still not too late, so would get a campground. We located one east of Fulton at Reform (Steedman). Might have bypassed it had we known there was 15 miles of very crooked, hilly county road to get here. Then found it is gated and we will not be able to leave before 8 in the morning, which is OK. Inside roads are gravel and sites are far from level. But we located one that wasn’t too bad except we will have to back out. I doubt we could make the turn out of the site ahead. After getting set up and the AC turned on (really needed that), we visited with another couple from Iowa a while. It is a lovely wooded campground away from the noise. As darkness arrives, we are being serenaded by the Tree Toads (and welcomed by a few mosquitoes also). Rest of evening just taking it easy and unwinding.


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