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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday October 26

I think this makes try 6 at this post. It seems every time I get ready to send, I lose my connection.

The Avion Travelcade Club rendezvous in Chattanooga wound up last Wednesday. The day was mostly meetings and seminars. In the evening we were treated to what I think is the best ever catered dinner. Dinner music was provided by The USO Band (a very good big band). They also stayed to follow up the closing program with more music for our dancing pleasure.
Thursday dawned very foggy. As we didn't have too far to travel, we opted to wait a while before getting on the road. When we did we opted to take US-72 back into Alabama. Loretta had obtained a flyer for Unclaimed Baggage Outlet in Scottsboro. So we made a stop there, very large and sure have a lot of merchandise - some used and some new. However most prices could be obtained at stores with fresh merchandise. She did make a few worthwhile purchases. Plus it gave her a chance to walk and exercise her knee. We then decided to take AL-65 to Tennessee. A beautiful drive, but the sharp curves, steep hills and narrow roadways usually without shoulder kept me busy enough towing a 38' trailer so as to miss most of the scenery and beauty. A worthwhile ride, but without a trailer in tow. When we arrived at Circle P Farm near Lynnville, TN, we found there had been a heavy rainstorm in our absence. It had dried off enough that I was able to get into our parking slot and set up. However there is a lot of cleanup work to be done.

Saturday, I took Loretta to Campbellsville United Methodist Church for a baby shower for one of the members. While there I discovered that the steeple had received a lightning strike and the top half was peeled down like a banana. Fortunately, no fire or severe damage. Sunday we went back for the 4th Sunday breakfast. Good and nice visit, however with Sunday School and the Church Service afterwards 4 hours sitting was a bit much for Loretta's knee and she had to forgo part of the sermon.

Yesterday I drove her and daughter Sharon to Star Therapy in Columbia for their sessions there. Loretta had been keeping up with her exercises for the 2 weeks we were away, and the therapist was very happy with her progress. He said that he is sure when she sees the surgeon on the 4th, she will be taken off therapy. In fact she seldom uses her cane and often can get in and out of our truck without a step. Today was rainy most of the forenoon. But as we were getting low on propane we took a tank to Texas T Campground near Cornersville. Last spring the price there was $2.00/gal, but it is now $2.25. Also we were told that it would probably go up again. I guess that is to be expected as diesel fuel is now over $2.00/gal in this area.

Guess that is enough for now.

Andy and Loretta


  • At 9:39 PM , Blogger Andy W2UCZ said...

    Saturday October 30

    Was having problems posting pictures, but finally overcame it, so new picture is now here. This week has been rather slow. Wednesday and Friday were trips to Star Therapy in Columbia, TN for both Loretta and Sharon. They are both responding well, but Loretta exceptionally well. Last evening we took Sharon to the Green Frog in Pulaski for supper. Today Loretta and I went to the grand opening of the Lynnville Flea Market. Rather small and not a lot to offer, but were able to make a couple of purchases. Then to Soda Pop Junction for a light lunch. This is a very interesting store in a very interesting town. Lots of history there.

    Otherwise mostly puttering around here with a few walks in the beautiful fall countryside. Have been taking advantage of the R&R time to do some editing on my photo collection in our computer.

    Please either comment or email me with your thoughts on this page.

    Andy and Loretta

  • At 12:44 PM , Blogger Roger & Jean said...

    Glad to hear loretta is doing so well. Called the campground for April, they are full, we were # 106 and they are to call us back to see what Bob is going to do about the overflow. If nothing else, there is a campground about a mile away which will work, but not like being with the group. Might take a trip down there to see if we can boondock.


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