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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Saturday November 6

Not a very exciting week here. Sunday was a day away for our minister, so we had Sunday School, announcements, some singing and scriptures, but no sermon. Afterwards we went out for some shopping and dinner. Of course there were trips to Star Therapy in Columbia for Loretta and Sharon. They congratulated Loretta on her progress, but told her to keep up on her exercises.

She saw her surgeon on Thursday and he said No More Therapy and she didn't have to come back to see him either. It rained a good share of the week, so where I park our truck is a muddy mess. But it cleared up yesteray and if we get some more sunshine it will dry up. This morning I woke to a frosty countryside. But it warmed up into the mid 60's later.

David and Kathy (Loretta's son), came by to invite us to stop by a park in Pulaski where their motorcycle club was having an event to support the developement of the Trail of Tears Intepretive Center. That is in recognization of when the Indians in the southeast were gathered together and forced to walk to Oklahoma. This is on the trail they took.

Afterwards we went to Texas T Campground for propane. We stopped in Lynnville for a snack and a stop at the Lynnville Flea Market to pick up a prize that we had won during the open house last weekend.

Guess that is all that we can report at this time - SORRY


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