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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year - 1 January 2005

Our return from Daytona Beach was uneventful with nice weather after iffy weather there. We are visiting old friends Cal and Marilyn again, and got in and setup in time to join them for dinner at the Moose Club.
While we were away, a letter came from our doctor in Columbia, TN. He had been concerned about the increase in my PSA reading in the last 2 years. Even though he had an Ultrasound performed which revealed no problems, at his request another PSA test was done since we first arrived here. Guess that was up again - not really high but above average and almost double of 2 years ago. So he wanted a biopsy done. I have arranged to visit a local doctor on the 12th, and expect the biopsy to be performed on the 25th. Brother Clair has had Prostrate Cancer, and had several biopsies performed. He says that is real FUN, so as you can imagine I just can't wait, HI>
Cal had received a new chain saw for Christmas. So one day I assisted him in removing some large Palmettos from around a tree in his front yard. Also during the week, we tended to some of the usual duties. Also we were getting some seepage at times around the drain valve for our black water tank (sewage). I had purchased a new valve at RV Surplus Sales when we were in Elkhart, IN. Cal and I lowered the belly pan on the trailer, flushed the tank and installed the new one. I will repair the old one and keep for emergency needs.
Cal had obtained tickets for the New Years Eve party at the Moose Club. So we joined them there along with his brother Niles & Phyllis and friend Dave & Linda. Guess we aren't getting any younger as I think all of us had a difficult time lasting till midnight. We returned Marilyn home immediately afterwards as Cal is an officer of the club and stayed to help on cleanup.
Today was mostly R&R as Loretta's leg gave her some problems after the party. Guess wearing heels for that long and dancing was not the best idea. I had been working with Cal on installing Netscape ISP and continued with that some. Also closed our books f0r 2004.


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