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Thursday, May 12, 2005

May 12 - Tifton, GA

We had another heavy rain this week in Homosassa- I think there was almost a foot in the last month. We visited friends with farewells the past few days. Yesterday we did most of the outside preparation for travel. This morning we finished and left Cal and Marilyn's residence at about 0730. We went to the Cancer Center near Lecanto, FL and after parking our rig checked in at about 0815. The receptionist said "We have good news and we have bad news", which gave me a start as plans were to head north after appointments were finished there. She said "The doctor will see you shortly, but the X-Ray machine is broken". I inquired why the X-Rays couldn't be done when I got my CT Scan at the Imaging Center next door. But she said they wanted to use the machine there.

I got to see my Oncologist, Dr. Brant shortly. He seemed happy with my progress to date and said that they would like to see me in 3 months. I said we wouldn't be back into Florida until December, so he OKed an appointment then. He said perhaps the X-Rays could be done next door and to check back after my CT Scan. So I went to the Imaging Center for that and got a look at the pictures on the monitor. The SEEDS look like bright little stars in the pictures.

Then back to the Oncology Center where I was told that they really wanted the X-Rays and wanted them taken on their machine. But repairs were almost completed, so we went to the Golden Corral in Inverness for lunch. We had to wait for them to open and while eating the call came that the X-Ray machine was repaired and to come back right away. I said we would be back as soon as lunch was finished. When I got there the X-Rays were taken quickly as a meeting was scheduled. So we finally got on the road a bit after noon.

Travel was pretty uneventful but I did have to make several stops (result of my treatments), and one to take a nap. We also stopped at the Flying J near Lake Park, GA for a partial fillup of the fuel tanks. We continued on to Tifton, GA where we ate supper and spent the night. It was very hot and humid so in addition to an uncomfortable day, sleeping was not the best.


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