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Friday, May 13, 2005

May 13 - Chattanooga, TN

Another very hot day spent on the road, temperature peaked at 95 degrees. Yesterday was pretty uneventful as far as accidents were concerned. We did spot a car near Alachua, FL that appeared to be on fire. We reported it to 911, and they said help was already on the way. Today there was 2 bad accidents. Early in the day we passed a Semi that had left the road and rolled over. Then later we passed a travel trailer that had probably rolled over. The body of the trailer was on the top and badly damaged and the frame, wheels, etc. were down the road a ways. The tow car didn't appear damaged.

We stopped at the Flying J near Jackson, GA to dump our waste tanks and purchase propane. The diesel price was only there so decided to top our tanks too. Had to call the charge card company due to the size of our purchases in 2 days. While there, somebody came over calling to us. We found it was Avion Travelcade Club members Gene and Betty Cody returning to their home in Lakeland, FL. Would have liked to visit a while but they didn't have the time. We found fuel would have been cheaper at Reseca, GA of course. Before we arrived there, we had a blowout on the trailer. As it was on the curb side and I was able to get off the road, we opted to install the spare ourselves rather than wait for Road Service. But by the time we had finished the job at about 95 degrees, we weren't sure that was the best move.

We stopped at the Camping World store in Chattanooga, TN. They said they had a tire in stock and that as we were going to have work done in the morning could park overnight in their lot. After getting unhooked, it was discovered they did NOT have the right tire. The Service Manager was very helpful and even called around searching for one. The Goodyear store had 40 last week but one customer came in and bought them all. He suggested we go to Wally's for supper which we did - very good and we had eaten there a few times during the Avion Rendezvous. Temperatures were better for sleeping but still a bit warm. However the race track next door is in operation so I am sure we won't get much sleep till after the races.


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