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Saturday, May 14, 2005

May 14 - Walton, KY

May 14 - Walton, KY

We decided to leave before Camping World opened as there seemed to be nothing more that they could as far as the tire goes. Good thing, as before we finished getting hooked up it started to rain very hard. So we continued north on I-75. As we passed Cleveland, TN I saw a sign for a Wal-Mart. It was a short way off the expressway, and I was sure they would not have the tire we needed. As I pulled up to the Auto Center a technician was walking across the lot. He suggested another Wal-Mart that serviced RV’s, but doubted they could help. He gave directions to a Goodyear store a short distance away. So we proceeded there. They did not have the needed tire nor did the Michlin store next door. They suggested Appalachian Tire near Knoxville.

We headed that way stopping to get phone number and directions. I was informed that they did have the tire we needed in stock. Later I called to confirm the route to be informed that the tire had been sold yesterday. The manager said if we stopped by, they would get something on for a spare. As we were almost there, we took him up on his offer, which turned out to be much more reasonable than I had expected.

We continued in off and on rain - sometimes very heavy, stopping along the way for a late breakfast. As we neared the last peak before Kentucky we saw heavy smoke ahead. We soon passed a semi on the shoulder of the southbound lanes with the tractor totally engulfed in flames. I can only assume that the driver was able to exit the cab as he did get off the roadway. However the southbound lanes were totally closed - police were already on the scene and we met the fire engine and ambulance shortly.

A fuel stop was planned at the Flying J near Walton, KY as they were advertising the lowest prices we had seen in ages $1.95/gal. Also we knew prices would be much higher north of there. It was late enough that we got supper then visited with some Expediated freight drivers. One couple had purchased one of the Class C motorhomes with a compartment in the rear to haul motorcycles. They were using it to haul freight with living quarters included. We decided to wait till morning to fuel.


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