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Friday, August 19, 2005

Am I a computer expert, or AM I??

I always say that I am a computer expert. The more that I learn about computers, the more I find I don't know. I am now dumb as a ROCK, so I have to be an expert, HI.

The new hard drive would not boot after transferring all files ( I thought). But I found that the System Files had NOT transferred. More online chats with HP technicians and search on the Internet resulting in providing the information that when cloning Windows XP, the System has to be installed also. One technician referred me to a site that he felt would answer the question, but the purchase of a downloadable CD from them provided the same information. Then I was told to purchase the Recovery CD's from HP. By then it was too late to order Friday and I was unable to order online.

Monday I called my order in - 7 CD's for $12.08 but I was told it may be a few days before they could ship. So I ordered Next Day for another $19.00. Tuesday FEdEx appeared with the package and I got back to work installing and executing the Recovery CD's. Unfortunately, that removed all my data from the drive. I then used Norton Ghost v9.0 to copy the files from the old drive to the new one. It now booted up OK, and most programs worked. After getting it packaged back up and bringing it home, I found that most of my peripheal devices were not recognized. So I downloaded and installed new drivers and reinstalled a few programs.

Right now, all of my important programs are working. I will have to reinstall a few of lesser improtants and probably get one more device driver. But at least I can now start to catch up on the stuff that had backed up that I do in the computer and old email.

Over a week fighting the computer, 2 times all night resulted in not doing a lot else. We did visit my youngest daughter and my newest great-grandson over the weekend. On way back from there, we stopped at the Seneca Casino for supper. But the waiting line was well over an hour, so we went to another excellent restaurant. I imagine the Casino made their profit at the slots anyway even though we didn't play long. I have assisted Dave and Larry at the woodlot, and just came in from moving a lot of wood closer to the splitter.

Other than that, not much else to report.

Andy & Loretta


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