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Thursday, September 29, 2005

DuQuoin, IL Escapade

Well, we sure have been busy since last update. After the Labor Day weekend celebrating with Avion (Fleetwood) Travelcade Club friends and families, we continued our visit with Don and Doris near Flint, MI. Loretta attempted to contact more relatives in the area without any luck. Guess they were out of the area. Don assisted on some maintenance on our trailer, and hopefully I was able to assist him on a task or 2 also. Don is very handy and has a well equipped shop which was a great advantage when undergoing some of the repairs.

After leaving there, we headed for Plymouth, IN spending one night at MorRyde in Elkhart, IN. There I purchased a new brake controller for the trailer brakes as indications were that there were problems with the one in our truck. And we are always treated very well there. Wiers International in Plymouth did some minor repairs and painting on the bumper on our truck. I had scratched the tool box and fairing also and in addition the clear-coat had come off part there so we gave the Body Shop a bit of business. I had also discovered that a mechanic had overtightened the lug nuts on the front tires. So I had them remove, replace and torque them properly. As usually we were treated well with a parking space and a vehicle to use while ours was in the shop.

We returned to Michigan then for the Michigan State Rally of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club at the lovely fairgrounds in Hudsonville. A very interesting week with lots of activities, good food and fellowship. One of the highlights was a driving tour of Grand Rapids. Another was a tour of the headquarters of the company that developed from the familiar marketing company Amway. They still have that name among their companies but only overseas and in this country use another name. We also enjoyed a great dinner in a restaurant that was in an old church. It is no longer used for services, but weddings are still performed there. A beautiful setting.

Last Saturday, we left Michigan for the Escapees RV Club Escapade in DuQuoin, IL spendin one night on the way. There was heavy rain that night so on Sunday we arrived at the State Fairgounds to find things very wet. However we were parked in a space that wasn't too bad. So even though my feet got wet, we were able to set up and move our tow vehicle around with no difficulty. This is our first Escapade, and we have had a great time. There is always something going on and we have made many new friends in addition to discovering that there are quite a few old ones here also. There have been seminars on many subjects of which we attended a few. Also many vendors displaying their wares both inside and outside. The outside areas have been somewhat wet but good weather most of the week. Many of the local chapters and special interest groups had set up locations to visit and obtain information. Every evening there was a program with over $15,000.00 in prizes being awarded (NO, we weren't among the lucky ones). This was followed by excellent entrertainers including Rex Allen, JR. and Carl Acuff, Jr.

Last evening the entertainment was to be provided by talent from within the group on the grounds. However a severe storm warning came up and the perfomance was cancelled. We did get some winds and a lot of heavy rain. I managed to stay out of it as the Amateur Radio license exam was at the same time. I had volunteered to be a Volunteer Examiner so was out of the weather. Loretta wasn't as lucky, she had a long ride on a tram with little protection from the weather and got thoroughly soaked. We just returned from the closing ceremonies at the grandstand. We have checked out several of the nearby restaurants and are now doing another. Tomorrow we will leave heading to Bloomington, IL for the Fleetwood Travelcade Club rendezvous there.

Hope all are well and hope to hear from you.
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Andy and Loretta


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