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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Near Flint, MI

Well, I finally got almost all of my programs in the computer working again, so we decided to leave "Mott Mountain" (our friends in NY's yard) on the 23rd. We had several things to do that morning before leaving, so only moved to Austinburg, OK. There we fueled the truck - $2.54/gal. Also dumped our tanks which were getting full after which we had supper then returned to the trailer for the night.

On Wednesday, we took a rather scenic route west of Cleveland, OH near the Lake Erie shore. We were travelling with 2 trucks as we neared Toledo and ran into some construction where we lost them. We missed the turn we should have taken, but it was lunch time anyway. So we found a truck stop to eat and check the map. We saw that we could have taken a different route than they suggested, so got back on our way. We arrived at the home of our friends Don and Doris in Grand Blanc, MI late in the afternoon. Just in time for a birthday party for a grandaughter that evening. Most meals have been shared here with them, however one day we all visited Al and Mary (more RV friends) and all went out for dinner. Also we were taken to a great German restaurant (Zehnders of Frenkenmuth, MI). We have also done some shopping in the local area.

Thursday we went to Oxford, MI to visit Loretta's aunt Jean. She is in a great assisted living facility there. Since our last visit, we had heard she had had some health problems. We found her in very good spirits and getting around quite well. She does use an electric cart to move outside her room and is on Oxygen which doesn't seem to slow her down. We had a great visit. Last Saturday, I threw my back out again while putting some items in the storage compartments on the trailer. For weeks I had been lifting blocks of firewood, some of which may have weighed over 100# without problem. Then my back slips on a 20# box, HI. So last weekend was one of pain and ice on my back. I was able to assist Doris with a computer problem though.

Monday we located a chiropractor only 1.5 miles away. Felt a lot better after one treatment but decided on another on Tuesday. Wednesday I felt great and visited Don as he worked on a couple of projects in his shop (which we are parked near). We discussed a problem with one of the slideouts on our trailer, so he got underneath to check it out. When there, he discovered that when we lost that tire in Georgia, it had torn up the aluminum underside of the trailer. He replaced the damaged part with galvanized steel and I was able to assist without any pain. We discovered the slideout problem was teeth chipped off a gear but was unable to contact the manufacturer that day. I went to bed feeling fine and woke during night even better. But while I was up and again the next day my back slipped some again. Not too bad, but pretty uncomfortable.

Thursday Don and Doris went to their property about 100 miles north of here. We were invited to hook up and go with them, but with my back still tender and Loretta coming down with a cold, decided to stay behind. I was able to get the new gear ordered which should be here next week and we will be able to repair the slideout then. Yesterday I felt pretty good but still tight so made another trip to the chiropractor. Have felt great since. Today Al and Mary invited us and some other RV friends to follow them to a lawn party at the home of one of her brothers about 25 miles west of here. We had a great meal, met many new friends and had nice visits in a lovely setting. Loretta is feeling good, but we decided to leave early before she became overtired. Hopefully we will get to visit some of her relatives east of here over the weekend.

A good share of our at-home time has been following the events on the Gulf Coast. We certainly feel for those that were and many still there. We are praying for them and those giving assistance, and ask for your prayers also.

Incidently, yesterday Diesel was $3.00/gal and gas even higher here. Today it was somewhat less, but best Diesel price I saw was $2.86/gal. With my 130 gallon tanks I hate to think about a fillup.

Guess that is enough for now. Would appreciate comments here or emails.
God Bless

Andy and Loretta


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