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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Merry CHRISTmas

I see that the photo of the miniature White house seems to have disappeared from my last post. Here is another view of it with statues of the presidents in front of it.

Have I gotten behind this time. Welllll, Thanksgiving was supposed to be a small party due to daughter Sharon's health. But they still prepared a full fledged meal with about 20 in attendance. We then went next door to Loretta's son's house for another Thanksgiving Dinner with them and their family.

We didn't do a lot of visiting or sightseeing in the area this year, but did stop to visit the concessions and watch some dances at the "Trail of Tears" motorcycle rally. As I still had to get my new crowns and Loretta still had one test the following week, we didn't get on the road till the following Friday for our trip to Florida.

We had good weather and a nice trip, stopping in Chattanooga for shopping at Camping World. One of the ceiling lights in the trailer had failed so I purchased a replacement there. Not exactly the same, but will do. Fuel was cheaper in Georgia and the rig did over 17mpg the last half of the state. When we arrived in Florida, I contacted John Palmer of Palmer Energy Systems near Lake City as he had informed me at the Escapede that he had parking available. There was an RV Rally going on there, but we were invited to come and attend the farewell potluck supper. Met a lot of nice people there. They were leaving on Sunday, but we stayed till Monday. I had them install a new Solar Panel and controller on our trailer. I also had never been able to locate an inverter that would work properly. So I also purchased a 600 watt sine-wave inverter which I installed myself. That was a good investment as I have been powering all of the door-side slideout electronics from that ever since. The trailer batteries also checked out poorly. So Monday as we left, we stopped at the Wal-Mart in Lake City. There I found the batteries would be exchanged for new ones at no cost. So I installed a pair of them also.

We continued on to our friends Cal and Marilyn in Homosassa, FL arriving in the late afternoon. Most of the weather since arriving has been good. Only one frosty morning but several chilly days. Also there has been several days of rain which is unusual for this late in the season. But the rain is sorely needed. I have taken advantage of the beautiful days to do several small maintenance duties outside and some inside also. We have as usual visited several of our favorite dining and shopping facilities in the area. We were also welcomed back into the routine at First Christian Church nearby which is our favorite in this area.

This morning we had planned a trip to Inglis for breakfast with our Ham Radio friends in that area. However, I have been fighting a cold and after getting ready felt so poorly that we decided to stay home. I spent a good share of day in bed, but it rained off and on all day so I wouldn't have done much anyway. On Thursday or Friday, we will be moving to Daytona Beach to celebrate CHRISTmas with Loretta's family there.

Guess that gets us pretty well caught up.

Everyone have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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