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Monday, December 26, 2005

Our rig at Circle P Farm in Tennessee
Happy New Years

Well, our CHRISTmas plans were changed. I am still recovering from my cold, and I guess I passed it on to Loretta. We are both better but she is lagging some. But it did delay our trip to Daytona Beach by a day. We left Homosassa on Friday making a short stop in Inverness for some shopping, etc. After we got east of Leesburg, there was a lot of construction areas and very heavy traffic. We were traveling on Rt. 44 and usually once getting on US 441, exit on Rt. 19 to get back on 44 near Eustis. However there was a sign at that exit to continue straight ahead to 44.

I soon realized that this was NOT a detour and would take us to Orlando. So checking our map, it appeared that taking Rt. 46 east would be out best bet. However before arriving at I-4 which we planned on taking us back to Daytona Beach, the brakes started to fail on our truck. By time we approached the ramp to the Interstate they were no longer pumping up and I was using trailer brakes and slow driving to slow down. I got on CB channel 19 and a trucker informed me that there was a service shop that did truck work about 2 miles ahead.

We proceeded to Complete Auto Service in Sanford, FL where we were told they were about to close for the weekend. They did call around to see if we could get repairs elsewhere. One of the mechanics got under the truck and said he felt that a brake caliper had frozen up. No service could be found, and they offered to let us park in the fenced lot here till Monday when they could make repairs. They even got us parked where electric would be available. I guess our Guardian Angel had been directing us on our way.

We called Loretta’s son-in-law in Daytona Beach and he said he could loan us a car for the weekend. There is no eating places within walking distance so we picked up a few things at the convenience store next door to supplement our supplies. I was furnished a key for the gate so we could come and go as needed. Saturday morning Don came by and took us back to his house and after a visit, I took Loretta to the Daytona Flea Market for some needed items. Then back to the house to wait for Loretta’s niece that lives just around the corner to come home from work at Sam’s Club. When she arrived, we went to the Olive Garden where we treated to supper as our gift to them. Then back here for the night.

Sunday I made a few Merry Christmas calls after checking to find that the truck brakes felt normal. One of these was to my brother Clair who owned a repair shop. He verified what I thought about exhaust heat boiling brake fluid. So I expected that after a checkout on Monday we would be ready to return to Homosassa. I thought I would ask the shop here to turn the exhaust pipe to direct the heat away from that wheel.

Then after getting some more supplies, we took a different route to Daytona Beach as to see some different scenery. It started to rain on the way and was raining quite hard by time we arrived. However thdiademidn’t last long. Later Don’s son Brian, his wife Katy and baby Lilly arrived. We exchanged gifts then Cindy, her family and some friends arrived bring part of the dinner. Don and Cindy prepared a delicious meal that was enjoyed by all. After some visiting and more gift exchanges Don brought us back home to some R&R.

This morning I unhooked from the trailer before the workers arrived here. When the Russian mechanic that had looked at the truck on Friday arrived we put the truck on the Outdoor lift. Upon getting underneath, we discovered that there was differential grease running down the wheel. So we decided that at least a grease seal would be required. They removed the tires and discovered that the brake pads which have only been on about 20000 miles had also been badly overheated. It appeared that the calipers had failed. It was soon discovered that parts could not be obtained today. Also when removing the tires a valve stem was broken. That tire was one of two due for replacement, but tires also were not available today either.

When we started our trip, I had only put a small amount of water in the tank, so as it was going dry, I did fill that so we would be in good shape for at least one more nighdidn't Didn’t do much else today except some computer work and a trip next door for some snacks. Hopefully tomorrow morning parts and tires can be obtained and we will be on our way back to the Gulf side of the state.


Andy and Loretta


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