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Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 8

Well, lots of things have happened. The parts couldn't be obtained on Monday after Christmas. Tuesday, parts for the brake repair were obtained. Also I rode with a man from the Service facility to take 2 wheels to Orlando then later return to get them back with new tires installed. Over $500 for tires, plus tolls and some expense money for the gentleman that ran the errands. It was late in the afternoon by time we got them back, and the shop that the rotor had been taken to could not handle the job. So another night in the enclosure with 2 guard dogs. However they were quite friendly. In fact I sat in the doorway of our trailer and one tried to get past me to get inside.

Wednesday it was almost noon by time the rotor was returned and the new tires had been balanced. Seems strange that tire stores cannot balance then tires they sell. By time repairs were completed, we had gotten hooked up again and settled up (over $1100) it was late in the afternoon. We fueled at a nearby BP station at $2.299 which was the lowest price we had seen since arriving in Florida. Also, Citrus County where we are now was due to add another $.06 fuel tax. So we drove to Wildwood and spent the night at a truck stop there after doing our laundry and getting a sandwich at Subway.

Thursday we continued to Inverness where we shopped at Wal-Mart and Loretta visited the beauty parlor. From there we went to the Crystal River Mall to pick up Loretta's CHRISTmas present - new hearing aids. Pricey, but sure glad that she can hear again. We then came back to the home of our friends Cal and Marilyn where we got set up and unwound from our trip.

My right foot started to pain, turn red and swell. I figured the fall on my head on Tuesday had taken that long to get to the foot, HI. Really I felt that I had probably hurt the foot in the fall. By New Years Eve, I was really suffering. So we planned an easy night going to Crackers in Crystal River for a nice supper. Then we stopped at Seven Rivers Hospital north of there to visit Ham Radio friend Jerry KD3AF. He had taken a tumble and broken the ball of the top of one leg. So he had received a complete hip replacement. He was in good spirits but feeling badly that they will be unable to accompany other friends to Quartzite, AZ this winter. He is now undergoing Physical Therapy in North Lecanto and we hope to get by to visit him again. Loretta was still recovering from a cold so didn't go into his room at the hospital. From there we went to the home of Ham Radio friends in Inglis for a house party attended by Ham Radio operators from there as well as some from around the country. We had a great time, but my foot kept me from really enjoying myself as I would have liked and with Loretta still a bit under the weather, we left at about 10PM and were in bed to ring in the New Year with snores by 11.

The foot was still paining me on Monday, so Loretta called a nearby Podiatrist and we were told to come right over. X-Rays revealed no broken bones or arthritis. He gave a diagnosis of GOUT, and gave a shot in the foot as well as prescribing a week of medication. Seems to be working as the pain has mostly gone away and today the swelling had gone down to the point I could wear my smallest boots - couldn't wear any of them till yesterday.

We have done some of the usual things including taking our hosts out for a Thank You dinner. There is an annual Block Party at the other end of the street. We took Marilyn there as Cal was out of town on business. She has improved a lot over the past several years, but had an awful time getting into our truck. But I am sure she enjoyed the party as we did. Also on Thursday we made a return trip to Miracle Ear for an adjustment on one of Loretta's hearing aids. She says it still isn't right, so we will be going back before her next appointment I am sure.

Guess that gets us up to date.
We hope all is well with each and every one of you

Andy and Loretta


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