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Sunday, February 26, 2006

From Arcadia, FL

Well, we have been pretty busy for a while. From Christmas Airstream Park, we moved to the County Line Moose Club for 3 nights with Escapee RV Club friends Cliff and Virginia Haycock. Had some chilly weather there with frosty mornings. Temperatures in area got down to the 20's. We took a side trip one day to visit Dick and Gladys from Bemus Point, NY. They are friends of many years and have a place at St. Cloud, FL. We had a great visit, dinner and ride around the area.

Then back to Christmas Airstream Park for the SKP Chapter 15 rally. We had a great time there. A week ago yesterday, we left the rally and took US-1 south from Titusville, FL to Ft. Pierce. Much more scenic and nicer ride than I-95 would have been, but traffic was pretty heavy most of the way. In Ft. Pierce, we had lunch at the Cracker Barrel then headed to Arcadia. A phone call revealed that Glenn and Sue were also at an RV Rally nearby, but he gave me parking instructions. We arrived at their place on the Peace River and got parked and set up before dark stopping for some groceries at Wal-Mart on the way. One of their daughters is living in a motorhome on the property and came by to welcome us.

Sunday morning we headed to Myakka City where they were rallying at the home of the Lippizian Stallions. However, they left just before we arrived, so we returned by another route for a change in scenery. One thing we did notice is that there are not many "blue tarps" on roofs left, and most trash has been picked up from the hurricanes of 2004. We have been doing some sightseeing, shopping, etc. in the area. Friday, my brother Clair and wife Jean came over from Englewood for a visit. We had a nice visit and then lunch at the Beef and Reef in Arcadia. Weather was threatening, so we went to Solomon's Castle near Ona. The tour there is mostly indoors which was good as we did have a few sprinkles. That is always an interesting stop as the owner is really a good artist using junk and wood for his works of art. And his wife is a very interesting tour guide. We had been there before, but there are many new items including a lighthouse at the "Boat in the Moat"

Yesterday was my birthday, so we joined Glenn, Sue and daughter Kristine at Chili's for birthday dinner. Today was their daughter Abigail's birthday, so we were invited to the house for dinner with the family and birthday party for Abbie and myself. She made 2 sofa pillows for my birthday gift which was very thoughtful. While getting our satellite dish set up, I had lost my computer glasses which was very inconvenient. But Sue found them yesterday for which I was very thankful. Our mail arrived then also and working on that would have been difficult with the glasses I was using. I have also assisted Glenn some on getting their converted bus for summer travels. Neighbor Jerry has also been by to visit and we visited his wife Michael.

We had planned on visiting friends in Bowling Green at Avion Palms today. However we had very heavy rain early this morning and the forecast was for that to last all day. So today has been mostly catching up on computer other than birthday party.

Bye for now
Andy and Loretta


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