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Saturday, February 11, 2006

In Christmas, FL

Our host, Cal delivers cars for Crystal Chevrolet/Dodge in Homosassa and Brooksville. After my last posting, he was sent to Michigan to drive a car back for them. We rode with him to the airport in Tampa and he ran into heavy traffic arriving just a few minutes before flight time. However he did make the flight and I returned his car to their home, stopping for breakfast with Marilyn and Loretta on the way. While he was gone, I did some cleanup work on his computer. Also a friend of his had been given an OLD computer. It was really loaded and messed up. I did a few sessions at his house making it usable for email and some general use but not enough memory or hard drive to do any amount with. He was talking about adding a USB card, but I suggested he save his pennies and buy a cheap modern machine. He could invest a lot more than that and still have a piece of junk.

After Cal returned, we took them out for dinner on last Sunday. We were going to try a seafood restaurant at Ozilla that we hadn't been to. We passed a spot on the way where there were several State Police and Sheriff cars, ambulance and fire truck. Couldn't see reason for the excitement, but found out later a motorcyclist had failed to negotiate one of the many curves on that road and hit a tree or pole. His helmet didn't do him any good as he was killed. Anyway when we got to the restaurant, we were told that it would be at least 1.5 hours. I suppose a lot of folks gathered there for the Superbowl, and there were many motorcycles in the lot. We went back to Chili's where we did have a good dinner and visit.

Loretta was still having a bit of trouble with the right hearing aid. We had went to the Crystal River Mall on Saturday, but Miracle Ear was closed. So we returned on Monday where he ground off a high spot. I had been having some slight back pains and had been to a Chiropractor on the way there 2 times. Thought it was in good shape, but over the weekend it really acted up. So we stopped as we were going past. He did more adjustment this time and so far it is holding even though my back still isn't as straight as it should be.

This had interfered with our planned departure for the RV Service Net of the Airstream Club rally here at Christmas. We did get on the way early Tuesday and really had a nice trip over except heavy start and stop traffic around Orlando delayed us and was a bit of strain on the rig. This week has been spent here doing the usual rally things. Visiting, seminars, eating and shopping. No tours or hired entertainment this year. As it is an Amateur Radio rally, today most of the men went to the Orlando Hamfest. In ways I would have liked to go to visit with some of the dealers that we used to do hamfests with. I had also gotten a call from a friend from Bemus Point, NY that he was going to be there today, and I am sure many others of our old friends and customers were there. However, we needed to go into Titusville for a few errands. Also I am the official photographer for the rally and wanted to prepare some CD's for those that wanted pictures. One thing I might have looked at had I gone to the fest would have been a cheap laptop computer. However there was a rather old Compaq on one of the tables at the Flea Market we had here yesterday. I purchased it and hopefully it will do all that I need a laptop for.

Tonight was our final dinner at Holly Hall here. We still have a church service tomorrow and I think there will also be a breakfast. I am also Sound Man, but think I got the sound system ready for church already. We plan on moving a few miles down the road tomorrow to the Orlando Moose Club with at one other couple. We will stay there a few nights then return here for the Escapee RV Club Chapter 15 rally next week.

Guess I have carried on long enough, so will close and get some rest.

Andy and Loretta



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