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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Arcadia, FL

Sorry to get so backed up, but have been very busy, then Loretta has been having medical problems. Will get back to date ASAP. Do keep Loretta in your prayers, Please.

Arcadia, FL

As I don’t have my previous notes with me, there may be some duplication. We spent 4 weeks visiting Glenn and Sue near Arcadia. My brother Clair and wife came by for a visit and lunch. Afterwards, we went to Solomon’s Castle not far away. This is always an interesting stop as Solomon is a very talented artist. The bulk of his art is made from junk, but he is now reproducing some of the famous paintings in wood. Loretta didn'’t seem to be her usual self lately, but we did spend one day visiting friends at Avion Palms in Bowling Green, FL. Another day was spent visiting friends and family in Englewood and Northport, FL.

Glenn is in the process of converting a bus that formerly belonged to Tim McGraw the singer into a Motorhome. I assisted some with that project, and also helped replace an air conditioner in one of their rental units. Also one evening the Belamy Brothers did a charity concert for Hurricane relief at the Rodeo Grounds. We were invited to attend with Glenn, Sue and daughter Kristine. A very good show but too loud for us.

We did some shopping and dining in the area including some delicious meals at the Moose Club. It was with regrets that we had to move on, but our hosts were also getting ready to leave for travels through the summer. I do apologize for not keeping this site updated, but we have been quite occupied.


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