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Monday, March 27, 2006

Homosassa, FL

Homosassa, FL

We had only gone about 20 miles after leaving Arcadia when just north of Wauchula, a tire lost part of the tread. We had just passed a Wal-Mart Superstore, so returned there slowly. However there was no Auto Center at this store. We replaced the damaged tire with the spare ourselves then continued onward. We made 3 stops along the way, lunch at Bartow then fuel at the Flying J near Seffner. We had hoped to get to Lazy Days RV in time for lunch, but the tire made that impossible. So we opted not to stop at either Lazy Days or Camping World. We had planned on dumping our tanks and get propane at the Flying J. But they were so busy there that we did those items at the Flying J near Dade City. Then on to Cal and Marilyn’s in Homosassa.

We were there less than a week and kept quite busy. As we had been parked under Oak trees in Arcadia, our rig was very dirty. So I washed both the truck and trailer which was good for a couple of days. I had follow-up appointments with both the Oncologist and Urologist and got good reports from both. Loretta was having trouble with feet swelling, I suggested she go to doctor near my Oncologist. However she decided to wait and see what happened. I decided to also visit the chiropractor that I had visited on our last stay. In addition, Loretta’s hearing aids needed adjusted which required a trip to the Crystal River Mall. I did get her to walk the mall some which I felt she needed. On that trip, I also tried to locate a new tire for the trailer. We were referred to the Goodyear Tire Store in Brooksville. A trip there found they had the needed tires in stock and a good adjustment was made on the damaged one. So we now had a new tire on our spare.

The morning we left Homosassa, Cal and I installed the new spare on the trailer so that our best rubber would be on the road. After our farewells, we headed northwest on US-98. This trip took us along the coast where there was still lots of signs of the Hurricane damage from last fall. However, most of the sign was empty lots where buildings were gone and new buildings. I wonder why people rebuild in those areas. There was one 4 legged cell phone tower that had a very noticeable bend but was still being used. There were still some damaged buildings and blue tarps along the way also.

We arrived at the Moose Club in Panama City that afternoon, but was so tired that we stayed in our rig the rest of the day. Next day I walked the area, we shopped and visited the mall nearby where we also had dinner. We planned on going into the lodge for visit, a drink and to donate for our parking space when we got back. However we then found that the club is closed on Sunday. We left early Monday morning so will have to send a check. This is very nice parking place but doesn'’t have very good electric.


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