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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rayne, LA

Rayne, LA

We left Panama City, FL early Monday morning. First real evidence of Hurricane damage on that leg was the I-10 bridge east of Mobile, AL. The eastbound lane had been destroyed. Traffic was using a temporary steel bridge. Construction on the new span was under way and I would say that about 25 cranes were in operation on that project. There were some damaged and new buildings along the way. I think the most damage was visible in Mississippi where roofing, appliances, pieces of buildings and trash were in the woods along I-10. After getting into Louisiana damage became less obvious as we were getting farther from the Gulf by time we got onto I-12. We were getting pretty tired by time we got off the 18 Mile bridge, so parked in a Casino lot near Henderson. We had supper at Landry’s, an excellent restaurant.

Next morning we drove the remaining 25 miles to the Rayne, LA convention center. By time we got parked and set up, Loretta’s feet were causing such pain that she agreed to let me take her to the Emergency Room in Crowley. Blood tests and ultrasound revealed no real cause for her problem. However the doctor did want her to follow up with another doctor in a few days as her protein levels were out of balance. She opted to wait till I could get her back to her doctor in Tennessee.

Will continue as soon as time permits. Loretta is home from 3 days in hospital now bufeelingng poorly. No cause has been found yet.


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