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Friday, September 07, 2007

Back on Mott Mountain

We took David to therapy a week ago last Monday. His session was supposed to be 2 hours, but he did so well that when we returned from shopping in an hour and a half, he was ready to leave. Doing very well and if you hadn't know about the accident and didn't know him before you would be hard put to see any sign. He still has a long way to go, but the word yesterday was that he had driven himself to therapy.

We had a good trip north, except I should have changed that tire before we left. It was so hot that I opted to wait till evening when should be cooler. I checked tires at each stop, the last being only 60 miles before out planned overnight stop. They were fine, but when we got to our stop near Walton, KY, we found that the cap had come off the last of the Goodyear G159 tires on the trailer. Not sure, but all of those tires failed and one had spent most of time as a spare and only had about 3000 miles. Sure cannot say much for that model tire. It is quite easy to drive the other tire up on blocks and not have to jack up trailer, so I changed it myself even though it was still very warm. In fact it was still 90 degrees at midnight and as we were dry-camping had no air conditioner. So not a lot of sleep that night.

Rest of trip uneventful and we arrived here at our friend's property late in the afternoon. We got partially set up and after a bit of visiting called it a day. On Friday, I completed the setup and hookup. Last time here, I had ordered a roll of coaxial cable as the cables to the UHF/VHF Ham Radio antenna's on the roof ladder. A local ham and our host Tom W2DRZ assisted in routing the new cables above the underbelly to keep from road debris hitting them. While at it, we routed all cables coming into the doorside slideout where the Ham Station and Entertainment Center are up through the floor of the cabinet there. This should solve the problem of wires getting scuffed and pinched when we extend and retract the slideout. Later I decided to reroute the HF long wire antenna to get it from under the trailer too.

Our church here had a breakfast after the service last Sunday, so some good socializing there. Then we went to Loretta's Chapman Family reunion at a beautiful site owned by a motorcycle club near Kennedy, NY - not far away. Many of her relatives were there including one couple that I had not seen in about 50 years. He was active in 4H when I was and crossed paths some when I was employed by the Dairy Herd Improvement Co-operative. Wednesday, I attended the Men's Breakfast of our church at a nearby restaurant and at mid-day we attended a luncheon for a Ham Radio operator that had moved away from the area but was here for a visit.

Other than that, it has been mostly visiting, some dining out and a few walks. One of my brothers has a place in Homestead Park nearby and we have visited them some and last evening my sister stopped by for a nice visit. One of my sister-in-laws has recently had surgery. Everything came out OK and she is recovering now, but can use your prayers as can 2 of my brothers that have health problems.

Today we plan on going to a household sale being held by one of our Ham Radio friends that is moving to a new location. Also will pick up a new spare tire while in town. We plan on being here about another week then moving to DuQuoin, IL for a Fleetwood Travelcade Club rally. My desktop computer died while in Tennessee. I sent it to Acer Repair with instrructions to send it to me here in NY. However today I got a call from Fed-EX wanting to know where Petty Hollow North is. Apparently my instructions wern't worth a lot. Well, I can get by with the Laptop till we get back to Tennessee. Not much more to report.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

As usual,


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