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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back at Circle P Farm, Lynnville, TN

Loretta at ancient Pulaski, TN Cemetary

We had a nice and uneventful trip from the DuQuoin State Fair grounds to Beech Bend Campground near Bowling Green, KY. We arrived at about mid day to find that there was a line of RV'ers and motorcyclists ahead of us. When we got to the registration window, we were informed that there was a Harley Davidson Rally also going on that weekend. The other two units that had went on ahead of us were registered so we paid for 4 nights and went into the campground and located them. Camping spaces were not assigned there, so we selected one near theirs, but adjacent to the fence separating the Motorcycle Rally area from the rest of the campground. We were the only 3 rigs that came in for the Tennessee Unit Rally of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club.

We expected the campground to be very noisy all night with partying, etc. However were quite surprised as even though they didn't observe the quiet hours starting at 10PM, they did quiet down considerably and we were able to sleep without any difficulty. And in fact by next day, the campground around our rigs was full of cyclists too. Camping World has their original store at the end of the road to the park, and are now moving to a new location near the interstate. So we went there one day to shop expecting to find some good closeout bargains. There didn't seem to be any of them, but we did make a few needed purchases. There was also a Wal-Mart nearby where we went to shop for groceries. We did eat out a lot, so really didn't need much in that line.

One day Terry Penn, Jim Forsythe and myself went to the Corvette factory to take the factory tour. It was quite interesting, but I felt that the Saturn factory in Spring Hill, TN was much better and more informative. After the factory tour, we went to the Corvette Museum nearby. As we were not allowed cameras at the factory, I had left mine in our trailer and sure wished I had it with me for the museum. This was self guided and you could move at your own pace. It was a very interesting stop which I would recommend to anyone. Cost was $8 or $6 for seniors and well worth it.

There was a RV dealer parked next to us hoping to sell one of the "Toy Hauler" RV's to one of the cyclists. He informed us Saturday morning that he would be pulling out that day as he had attended the first Harley Rally there and on Saturday night there were fights, rapes and murders. Our unit had their business meeting Saturday forenoon with the 6 of us in attendance along with Pam and Moe Johnson who had driven in for the meeting. After the meeting, we carpooled to a nice restaurant in town for a delicious farewell dinner. Farewell in more than one way as Terry and Marilyn Penn are relocating to Indiana and will no longer be able to participate in Tennessee functions as much as they have for several years. Penn's and Forsythe's decided to return to their homes after lunch even though they had paid for the night. We decided to spend the night and found that Saturday night was quieter than the previous 3. Of course a lot of the bikers were the same ones from 30 years ago, and aren't near as wild. Also, I think the motorcyclists are now creating a better impression than they used to as a whole.

We had hoped to spend a few days visiting Loretta's sister and husband who are moving to Tennessee from Missouri. But a phone call revealed that they were not going to be in Tennessee at that time. So on Sunday we came back to our home base at Loretta's daughter's farm near Lynnville. Bill's sister, 2 of her daughters and one grandson arrived the next day for a short visit and as we hadn't seen any of them in ages were able to enjoy that also. We have been doing the usual things, but not a lot of outdoor activities as the temperature has still been very warm. In fact last night was the first time it was really cool enough for good sleeping. And they still are in drought conditions here. We did have a light mist yesterday that only lasted a few minutes.

Grandson Scott is working at an Alpaca farm near Brentwood. He called Sunday morning and invited us to come by after church for a tour. We took daughter Sharon and granddaughter Chelsea with us and had an enjoyable and informative tour. Too bad that the temperatures were in the 90's though, would have been nicer outdoors if it had been a bit cooler. They are interesting animals and very friendly and inquisitive.

Loretta's son Dave has made a remarkable recovery and except a bit of a problem with his right leg, one would be hard put to tell he had ever had a life threatening accident. His doctor cleared him to return to his School Bus driving job and he started on Friday. We went for a ride around part of his route one day, just for something to do and to see part of the area we hadn't visited. Friday the American Legion in Pulaski had a benefit supper for him which we and Loretta's family attended. A fair amount was raised which helps with their expenses.

This morning early, I got a call from Loretta's brother-in-law asking if we were accepting visitors. They arrived in mid morning and we had a nice visit followed by lunch at Sand's Restaurant in Pulaski which is one of our favorites in the area.

Guess that gets us up to date again;

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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