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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not much new

We had a good visit with Loretta's sister and family then joined them for lunch at Sand's Restaurant in Pulaski before they returned to their home. We had planned on hooking up and going for a few days visit with them about now. However it doesn't appear that we will be able to do that. Loretta was having problem with one hip. So she got in to see our family doctor this month. He ordered X-Rays, bone scan then as a result of those, a CT Scan. She was worried about getting a hip replacement, but I guess the tests didn't indicate that was necessary at this time. Hopefully knowing that will ease the pain some??

I had made a deal on some #6 electric cable and a 50Amp service box while in NY State. So with the help of grandson Scott and stepson Woody, we set a new post and installed the outlet box on that. I buried the cable and the satellite TV cable in PVC conduit from the shop to the pole. After applying some Polyurethane finish it looks quite good. Now we can use the 50Amp cable that came with the trailer instead of a 30Amp extension cord. I was always having trouble keeping clean connections with the extension cable. I also put one of the color changing Solar Pool lights that I have on top of the pole just for the fun of it. Woody had also rented a Carpet Shampoo machine, so after they finished theirs, I borrowed it and did ours. Sure looks a lot better now, hard to realize how much dirt can get into one as we use throw rugs and seldom wear shoes on the carpet.

Last week we did have 2 days of badly needed rain, but even with almost 4", we are still in near drought conditions here. Many streams and ponds are still dry and the crop yields are discouraging. Weather has been beautiful and cooled down from the 100 degree range to 70 and 80 degree days. Last night we had a frost warning, but don't think there was any to speak of. My brother Clair has relocated to North Carolina and called today. He informed me that they had heavy frost the past 2 nights. Guess they have had more rain there too.

Other than that not a lot of excitement here. We have as usual been doing some shopping, dining out and visiting, as well as some church activities. Still haven't washed the rig due to the water situation, and it may have to wait till we get into Florida in December.

GOD Bless all and Happy Thanksgiving
Andy and Loretta


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