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Sunday, November 25, 2007

About ready to move on.

Great-grandson Nate and his first deer

Well, some good news and some NOT so good. Doctor appointments went well, except that Loretta got word that a Hip Replacement is in the offing. No idea when, but Dr. told her "You will know". Hopefully not too soon, but sometimes the pain causes her to not sleep well. I hadn't changed my eyeglasses in several years. Every year got new prescription with instructions to change if I felt it necessary. As I have been having some vision problems, decided this time to change. I opted for the progressive (no line trifocals) lenses. However as of now not very happy. I was told that it might take some time to adjust, so hopefully??

We had a great Thanksgiving as usual. Daughter Sharon and family hosted a crowd with almost all of her family and some friends in attendance - over 20. Then we went down the road to Son Dave's place for desert and coffee with them in the evening. One morning Dave and Nathan (his 11 year old grandson) stopped by to show us the deer Nathan had just shot. Only a spike, but very large for this area - probably about 4 years old. Nate was "Walking on Air" as it was his FIRST.

We have a lot of video tapes of family, travels and movies. They take a lot of space in the trailer and I discovered the player wasn't working anymore. So I invested in a VCR/DVD player/recorder. Intended to put them all on DVD, but found that the player part would not read or copy the ones that were not commercial well. Dave had some he wanted copied too and they have a VCR recorder that they aren't using. He brought it by yesterday and it seemed to handle almost all of our tapes. So I copied his to a DVD and added a copy of their wedding that I had on tape here, by playing them on his and recording on the DVD recorder. I am thinking that possibly there may be a problem with the one I bought, so may exchange it Friday when I take Loretta to her Kidney doctor.

That is the last doctor appointment that we have scheduled. She got an appointment for a Mammogram earlier this month, but decided as it was less than a year she should check with Medicare about payment. They said "Not till after 1 December". She could not get another here till 31 December and we didn't want to stay that long. However they checked around and got an appointment the 3rd at Lewisburg. That isn't a lot farther than Columbia, but as her sister and family recently moved a ways east of there, we decided to hook up and go there next weekend. That will be an easier trip for a early morning appointment and we will get the opportunity to visit them a while.

After that, we plan on heading to Florida with our usual first stay with friends in Homosassa Springs.

Not a lot more going on. This morning was 4th Sunday breakfast at church. Loretta had looked forward to going. However she had been unable to sleep last night so I went alone. Very good breakfast and visit before Sunday School and Church services.

More later
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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