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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year

We prepared to travel last Saturday. So after church on Sunday, we hooked up and proceeded to International RV Park near Daytona Beach. We made a stop at a truck stop near Wildwood for lunch, then again at Russell Stover Candies just down the road. It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at the campground and the office was closed. A camper parked nearby attempted to locate someone to check us in. No one was to be found, so we were told to locate a site and check in next morning. So we found a good site large enough for our trailer. By time we got parked and set up, we were tired enough to call it a day. So we had supper in the rig.

Monday we went to Sam's Club where Loretta's niece works. We had a short visit with her and shopped some then had lunch. Later in the afternoon, we went to son-in-law Don's house to visit with him and grandson Timmy. Timmy had just purchased a new hard drive for his computer and I assisted on getting that installed. Then we went to Olive Garden when Cindy got home from work at Sam's Club. Cindy's husband Chip, daughter Christine and grandson David also went with us. Loretta treated to a great Christmas Eve dinner, then back to house for more visiting. I also assisted Timmy on getting online with their DSL connection.

Christmas morning we returned to the house to celebrate and Loretta assisted in preparing the Christmas dinner. Grandson Brian, Katy and granddaughter Lilly also came along with Christine's husband. There were gifts to open both before and after dinner, so along with a great meal and lots of photo ops, I am sure a good time was had by all. Unfortunately something on the table disagreed with Loretta. Fortunately I was able to find a Walgreen's open 24 hours where I was able to get what she needed for relief.

We decided to NOT stay for the campground Christmas party on Saturday. So on Wednesday morning we secured and hooked up for travel. We made 2 stops on way back to Homosassa. First was at a Friendly's Restaurant in Leesburg for lunch. We met another RV couple and had a nice visit over over our meal. The other was at Wal-Mart near Inverness for some shopping. I was beat by time we got here, so after getting unhooked and slide out rooms extended we rested a while before going into the house to visit with out hosts.

This morning we went to the Thursday Breakfast. There I was asked bu 2 couples for assistance on email setup. Then after a stop at hardware for hose end, we came home. I repaired the hose then sprayed insecticide in the area around our rig. I then finished the setup before coming in to find that the desktop computer is still acting up. I had suspected the mouse, but a change did no good so today I replaced the HP keyboard that I like with the one that came with the computer. Everything seems OK now, so we went to visit Quint and Evelyn where Loretta and Quint worked on a jigsaw puzzle and Evelyn and I attacked the VTech email device. After some time I tried to call Customer Service but got no answer. So I suggested she call tomorrow and will go online tonight to see if I can find more info. After a nice visit with coffee and cookies, we came home. When we arrived, the new water valve kit for the toilet had arrived. So I will probably attack that tomorrow.


Andy and Loretta


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