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Monday, December 10, 2007

In Macon, GA

Loretta and Jeannie finishing jigsaw puzzle

As expected, Loretta's kidney doctor gave her a clean bill of health and OK to go to Florida for the winter. Now if her hip holds out till spring. On the 1st, we moved to visit her sister near Chapel Hill. That evening they took us to the restaurant at Henry Horton State Park for buffet dinner. They serve a delicious and reasonable meal and we were surprised at the small turnout. But we also went there t Thursday to find that we were the only customers other than a few employees. So they hadn't filled the buffet except salad and desert bars. The excellent server waited on our table and visited with us. On Monday we went to Lewisburg and located the Medical Center where Loretta got her mammogram. We also shopped at Wal-Mart and took a ride through the city while there. On Wednesday we all went to the Nashville International Airport then visited niece and family in Franklin on way back. Some very cold mornings and weather wasn't the best. So we didn't do a lot except some shopping and eating out. I did walk the area some and got a guided trip around the wooded property which is mostly logged over cedar forest.

We moved on Friday with much needed rain starting. We were able to get secured and hooked up before the rain got too bad, and drove out of it shortly. We only drove to Birmingham, AL that day making a few stops along the way. We had supper and spent night at Flying J there and fueled there the next morning. On Saturday we came on to Macon. I had made arrangements with Loretta's son Steve to visit them for a few days. When we arrived in town, we made a rest stop in a parking lot. Steve came to meet us there and Loretta was really surprised as I had not told her about our plans.

We followed him to their place and parked in the backyard of the neighboring house which also belongs to their landlord. Jeannie was working, so after getting set up and hooked up, we went out to supper. As everyone was quite tired, we didn't visit any longer that day. Yesterday, they took us for a tour around the city and the Country Club where he works. Rest of day visiting and supper with them. Steve goes to work very early, so we haven't seen him today but visited some with Jeannie. I also met the landlord who asked how long we were staying. He said if it would be long enough to need it we could hook into the sewer and stay as long as we want. But as of now we plan on moving on tomorrow with a stop at Camping World nearby for refrigerator recall work to be done.


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