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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry CHRISTmas from sunny Florida

We left on Tuesday after Steve got home from work. We had everything ready to travel so got on road after farewells. We only drove a short way to Byron, GA where after a bit of searching, we located the Camping World store. They took our trailer right in to take care of the recall. We spent the time while they were doing that shopping in the store and visiting. But the job took almost 4 hours, so we ended up in the lounge drinking coffee and watching TV news. My plans were to get into Florida that day, but we stopped at Flying J near Lake Park, GA to fuel, get propane and dump tanks. It was after dark by time we got there, so after supper, we watched a movie in the Drivers Lounge then went to bed. In the morning, we had breakfast then took care of those duties.

We arrived at the home of our hosts in Homosassa, FL in mid-afternoon. By time we got parked and set up, we were ready to call it a day after a short visit. We have spent time here so far visiting with some of our friends in the area including a former customer from when we operated VHF Communications. As usual there are a few maintenance jobs that I keep to do here as I have a good place to work. There had been a very small leak from the toilet ever since we installed the new one. Yesterday, Cal and I removed it and after some searching, located the source. It appeared that a seal in the water valve is defective. I called Bill at Wade's RV Supply nearby. He did not have water valves in stock but told me it would still be under warranty. So I called Thetford and now have a new water valve on order at no charge. I did fill the leaking area in the old one with Silicone and reinstalled it. I find that the leak is apparently gone now. So there will not be a lot of pressure to install the new valve when it arrives.

We missed the Wednesday supper and bible study the day we got here as it was getting too late. However we did attend church on Sunday and the supper last evening. Something had caused Loretta to break out in a rash on her wrists before we went. She thought it was allergy to the cat. However during supper, she got worse and it was spreading on her upper body. So we didn't stay for bible study and came home to find her whole body trunk and arms covered with a red itching rash. I called her daughter in Tennessee (a nurse) after we got something on to reduce itching. She recommended 4 Benedryl immediately followed by 2 before going to bed. She also showered which provided some relief.

This morning was the weekly breakfast of the family of our hosts that live or winter in the area. She didn't plan on attending, however when she got up, she found that there was no sign of the rash so we did attend that function. As of now, we plan on leaving Sunday to go to Daytona Beach. We do that most years to spend Christmas with Loretta's family and relatives that live there. Plans are to return here right after Christmas, however when I called International RV Park to reserve a site, we were invited to stay till the 29th for a Christmas Party they are throwing for the guests. As of now that isn't in the plans, but we may change.

Nothing else that I can think of.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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